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400s: Academic Affairs | Bismarck State College

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400s: Academic Affairs

The policies contained within this page are established by federal and state laws and regulations, the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education, the North Dakota University System and the Bismarck State College Office of the President. Also included are Policy Procedures and Operational Procedures established by the respective areas to facilitate the delivery of a service to the campus community.
Policy Number Policy Name
  Adjunct Faculty Workload
  Adjunct, Overload, Extended Day, and Special Duty Pay
  Best Practices for Online Classes
  Communication Proficiency
  CTE Certification
  Definition of a Semester Credit Hour
  Emeritus/Professor Emeritus Status
  Faculty Grievances
  Faculty Participation in Termination of Tenured Faculty due to Financial Exigency
  Faculty Qualifications
  Faculty Rank
  Faculty Senate Constitution and By Laws
  Faculty Workload
  Granting of Tenure
  Guest Speakers, Movies, and Other Programs
  Institutional Review Board
  Intellectual Property
  Leave Without Pay for Faculty
  Performance Evaluation of Faculty
  Personal Leave for Full-Time Faculty
  Revalidation for General Education
  Sick Leave
  Tenure Track Positions
406.2 Faculty/Student-Class Attendance Operational Procedure
406.3 Course Drop, Withdraw to Zero Credits Operational Procedure
406.4 Course Drop, Withdraw to Zero Credit Appeals Operational Procedure
408.0 Veteran's Priority of Service Operational Procedure
409.0 Course Substitution Operational Procedure
412.0 Transfer Credit Operational Procedure
412.2 Transfer Credit Appeal Operational Procedure
412.3 Credit for Military Training Programs Operational Procedure
421.3 Curriculum Development Operational Procedure
430.3 Posthumous Degree Operational Procedure
431.2 Staff Emeritus Status Policy
431.2 Staff Emeritus Status Policy Procedure
441.0 Honor Points & GPA Operational Procedure
441.1 Student Credit Load and Overload Operational Procedure
442.0 Academic Forgiveness Operational Procedure
443.1 Academic Suspension Readmission Operational Procedure
441.2 President's Honor Roll Operational Procedure
475 Faculty Office Hours Operational Procedure