Innovation at BSC

Innovationheader01.jpgInnovation is our foundation!
Innovation is more than the word of the week at BSC, and it is more than a process. It is part of our culture, our institutional mission, the education we offer and our daily work. BSC's employees take innovation to heart and incorporate it into the work we do every day.
BSC Declaration of Innovation 
  1. Innovation is important to you and to BSC
  2. It is everyone’s job to be innovative
  3. You can learn to be innovative
World Creativity and Innovation Week

InnovationConverted01.jpgWorld Creativity and Innovation Week is celebrated each year beginning on April 15 (Leonardo Da Vinci's birthday).

Da Vinci thought beyond his time with the many beautiful paintings and futuristic inventions that he created. That is why BSC began celebrating World Creativity and Innovation Week -- to help our employees think beyond what they believe they are capable of doing!  

Change doesn't need to be large -- start small by doing just one thing in your work or personal life differently. This will help you begin thinking differently about other things.

Check out the World Creativity and Innovation Week's website to see what other organizations are doing to celebrate this monumental week.