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Action Projects

Completed Action Projects
Employee Training in Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Principles and Practices
The goal of this action project was to enable current employees to learn of and use CQI principles and practices in a consistent, systematic way. This goal has been met and is already producing spin-off projects. One of the most effective results of this project was the training of a cadre of CQI facilitators to work with employees who are striving to make quality improvements.

Establishing an Advising Center for Students at Bismarck State College
The Mystic Advising and Counseling Center was created to meet several goals, including (1) increasing student satisfaction with their overall experience at BSC, (2) increasing student engagement in their education and career plans, (3) increasing retention rates, (4) decreasing the number of students who are placed on financial aid warning, probation, or suspension, and (5) decreasing the number of applications for graduation that are rejected by the Registrar each year due to advising errors. 

Finding Your Way with CampusConnection
This project began in 2006 when CampusConnection was new and the transition was challenging for students, faculty, and staff. Findings show that students are satisfied with the online administration system and are able to navigate it successfully. When there are questions, they tend to be simple and can be answered quickly and efficiently by a variety of people in a variety of office settings.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation through an Office of Innovation at Bismarck State College
The Office of Innovation has been in existence on the BSC campus for almost four years. During that time large strides were made to incorporate innovation across campus. Conducted in 2009 and 2011, a survey measuring key competencies in creating a culture of innovation indicated nearly a 7% increase of innovative competencies and awareness across campus. A firm foundation has been established for continued growth of an innovation culture at BSC.

Improve and Enhance Service Learning
This action project resulted in the development of an online service learning class that provides a structure for connecting a student's service experiences with learning. The class adds opportunities for interaction with other students and the teacher as well as reflection activities, such as journaling. Students are encouraged to approach service learning from an academic perspective and discover how service learning enhances their classroom experiences.

Investigate and Improve the Incoming Freshman Advising Process
This project investigated BSC campus opinions, advising processes, and strategies used at comparable community colleges. As a result of the project, incoming freshmen are required to meet with a faculty advisor. The project has resulted in fewer complaints about the advising process for new students. New students also have a greater knowledge of the registration system. 
Current Action Projects
Developing a One-Card System at Bismarck State College
The goal of this project is to implement a one-card system that will allow students more flexibility in accessing campus goods and services. Students would be able to use the card to purchase meals, books, print copies, access activities and facilities, utilize library services, etc. with their student ID

Developing Plans and Processes for Systematizing Institutional Effectiveness Efforts
This action project will address the need for developing a model and plan for institutional effectiveness, identifying performance indicators, instituting data driven decision making, and increasing accountability and transparency. Through the project we will improve planning processes and develop an institutional effectiveness plan for the college. An important component of the project is to foster a culture of evidence and to educate employees about their role in effectiveness and accountability.

Discovering Faculty Views and Perceptions about Student Learning Assessment
This is the first of a series of action projects aimed at developing and implementing systematic approaches to measure, assess, document, and communicate student learning outcomes. The action project will focus on ascertaining how faculty view student learning assessment, their understanding of assessment processes, and the value they place on assessment. The project will identify faculty needs and provide valuable feedback for making improvements to BSC's assessment program.

Helping Entering Students Succeed in College
The goal of this project is to ensure that students enrolling in Bismarck State College make a good transition to college life. A student success project will help students be successful both in and out of the classroom. The project will assist students in acclimating to the college, add to their sense of belonging, and will provide them with tools that will enable them to succeed as students.