Quality Checkup Visit

In October 2011, a team of two reviewers representing the Higher Learning Commission visited Bismarck State College. The Quality Checkup Visit is an important part of the regular AQIP cycle that occurs prior to reaffirmation of accreditation. Not only does a Quality Checkup Visit serve to meet the accreditation requirements of the Higher Learning Commission, it provides employees with valuable advice and suggestions to enhance the college's quality journey.

The goals of the Quality Checkup Visit are to:
  • Affirm the accuracy of the institution's Systems Portfolio
  • Review Action Projects and strategies identified to capitalize on the strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Assure the institution's commitment to quality improvement
  • Confirm that the college is meeting its compliance obligations and is meeting  accreditation expectations
  • Review and update the relationship between the institution and the Higher Learning Commission.
Two documents, the Quality Program Summary and Federal Compliance Materials, were prepared prior to the Quality Checkup Visit as an update to the Higher Learning Commission and to assist the visiting review team. 

The reviewers spent two days on the BSC campus meeting with individuals, committees, and various departments or offices. At the end of the visit, the review team members presented a short oral report to the campus to share their findings and suggestions. A written report, the Quality Checkup Report, was later sent to the college with more detailed observations and recommendations.