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COMPASS Sample Questions

The COMPASS placement exam focuses on English, Reading, and Mathematics skills.

Writing Placement Exam (English):
This test presents examinees with essays and requires them to first, find errors in grammar, punctuation, sentence structure as well as strategy, organization and style. Then, correct the errors by selecting the appropriate text segment from among five alternatives.

Note: Spelling, vocabulary, and rote recall of rules of grammar are not tested.

Writing Skills Sample Test

Reading Placement Exam:
The Reading test measures reading comprehension skills. This test presents a reading passage in which the examinee will be required to select the correct response to a question from among five alternatives. The student must be able to determine the meaning directly from the content of the passage, draw conclusions from the content of the passage and also make comparisons and generalizations.

Reading Sample Test

Math Placement Exam:
This test covers a variety of items from numerical skills, to pre-algebra all the way up to advanced math, such as trigonometry. The examinee will be asked to select a correct answer from a list of choices. Each student will begin the exam with numerical skills; if the student answers questions correctly, the test will continue to progress into higher levels.

PreAlgebra & Algebra Sample Test

College Algebra, Geometry, & Trigonometry Sample Test

Calculator Guidelines for COMPASS Testing