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Frequently Answered Questions

Borrowing & Renewing Materials

I want to check out library materials. Do I have to have my Mystic Card/BSC photo ID with me?
Yes, we require positive identification before we will check out materials to you. Your valid Mystic Card/BSC photo ID or BSC community library card is preferred. If you are a registered BSC library patron and don't have your card with you, we can accept a current driver's license or passport as positive identification.

I am an online student and need several items located at the BSC Library. How do I get them?
Contact us by phone or e-mail.  We will send the items to you; you need to pay for shipping them back to us.

I am not a BSC student or employee. Can I use my Morton Mandan Public Library, Bismarck Public Library, or State Library card to check out BSC Library materials and/or access the databases?
No, you need a BSC Library community card to check out BSC Library materials.  North Dakota residents who present a current North Dakota driver's license (or similar proof of positive identification and current residence in the state) are eligible to apply for community cards.  Community users have courtesy borrowing privileges only.  Interlibrary loan and off-campus access to databases are not available to community card holders.

I received an overdue notice and I didn't bring my library items back. Am I going to get into trouble?
How much trouble you're in is up to you! If you receive an overdue notice, it's time to respond. Renew the item(s) or return them. There are consequences when you don't take action. See our policies for fines and fees at Circulation Services.

I received an overdue notice and I already returned the material. Now what do I do?
Talk to us!  We will work with you to resolve the problem.

Can I request something that is already checked out to someone else?
Yes, if an item is checked out, you can place a hold on it by signing into the BSC Library Catalog, searching for and choosing the item you want, clicking on the Locations tab for the item, and then clicking the "Sign in to request" link. Sign in with your NDUS ID and password. Then click the Hold link to submit your request. The patron who has the item will have up to seven days to return it to the library. You will be notified when the item has been returned and is available for you to check out.

Can I see what I have checked out?
  • Yes, go to the BSC Library Catalog:
  • Click on "Sign in" in the upper right side of the screen.
  • Sign in to your account with your NDUS ID and password.
  • Your account appears showing all the library items you have checked out.
How do I renew my library items?
  • Go to the BSC Library Catalog:
  • Click on "Sign in" in the upper right side of the screen.
  • Sign in to your account with your NDUS ID and password.
  • Your account appears listing the items you have on loan.
  • Check the box next to the item(s) you want to renew, then click on "Renew Selected." Alternatively, if you want to renew everything, skip the individual selection step and click on "Renew All."
  • You can also renew items in person (bring your Mystic Card/BSC Photo ID or BSC Library community card with you); by e-mail (include your full name and list of what you want to renew); or by phone (call 701-224-5450).
  • NOTE: Interlibrary loan items cannot be renewed in this way.  To request a renewal of ILL materials, email BSC Library, or call 701-224-5450
  • How to Renew Library Books How-To Guide

What is the Mystic Card?
The Mystic Card is your official college identification card and is designed to be used for campus services such as dining, bookstore purchases, library circulation, and more. Use of the card constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions of the card holder agreement accompanying the card when issued, as amended from time to time.  The Mystic Card is your BSC Library card.

For more information, visit our Mystic Card site.

Get your Mystic Card at the BSC Bookstore during regular store hours.

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Does the BSC Library have eBooks and eAudiobooks?
Yes! Navigate to the A-Z Database list. From the Database Type filter at the top of the screen select "Audiobooks" or "eBooks." Links to the databases containing eAudiobooks or eBooks will display. Most can be downloaded to your desktop or mobile devices.
eBooks and eAudiobooks can also be found by searching the BSC Library Catalog, which will give you a direct link to these resources.

Do you have BJC/BSC (Bismarck Junior College/Bismarck State College) yearbooks?
Yes, BJC/BSC yearbooks are available in the Library's Archives collection. They cannot be checked out and must be used on site.  Digitized versions of the yearbooks are available for viewing online.

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Do you have wireless connections for my laptop?
  • Yes, the BSC Library offers wireless access.  
  • BSC students, faculty, and staff can access the network with their NDUS Account credentials.   
    • Use the NDUS-Systemwide connection or BSC-Housing-Secure for your network.
    • Guest connections (BSC-Guest or BSC-Housing-Unsecure) will not connect to library online resources.
  • Non-BSC users can request assistance from library staff to access the BSC-Guest network.
    • Guests who need access to library online resources must be signed in as guests on Library PCs. 
Does the BSC Library have a computer lab?
  • Yes, the Library’s computer lab, LEA 101, is an instructional lab and can be reserved for by contacting Reference and Instructional Services or calling us at 701-224-5450.
  • The Library lab also serves as an open lab for students during evening hours. 
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What are the Library's hours?
Who can use the library?
  • The BSC Library may be used by BSC students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the general public.

Do you have study rooms?
  • Yes, the Library has two study rooms as well as a reading room that is designated for quiet, solo study.

Do you accept debit or credit cards?  Do you have an ATM?
  • No, the Library does not accept debit or credit cards nor do we allow charging.
  • Some services are cash only (e.g., photocopying and faxing).
  • We accept checks (with proper ID) for the amount of purchase for computer printing.
  • An ATM is available in the Student Union (upper level).

I do not attend BSC but would like to use the library.  Can I?
  • Community members are welcome to use the library.
  • Online library resources are available to community users only when  signed in as a guest user on our PCs.
  • North Dakota residents may obtain a community library card with presentation of a current North Dakota driver's license or similar proof of state residency. Community users have courtesy borrowing privileges.
  • Interlibrary loan and off-campus access to online library resources is limited to current BSC students and employees.

I am a BSC alum. Can I use the library?
  • BSC alumni are welcome to use the library and can apply for a BSC Library community card with presentation of a current North Dakota driver's license or similar proof of state residency.
  • Community users have courtesy borrowing privileges.
  • Interlibrary loan and off-campus access to databases is limited to current BSC students and employees

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Interlibrary Loan

What is interlibrary loan?
Libraries worldwide offer interlibrary loan (ILL) services because no library can own all of the materials patrons may want. Through ILL, a user of one library can borrow items or get photocopies of documents that are owned by another library.  

In a nutshell, ILL works like this:
  • A library user requests something that isn't available at his/her home library.
  • The home library finds another library that owns the item and makes a request to borrow, photocopy, or scan the materials needed by its patron.
  • The owning library fills the request and sends the materials to the borrowing library (or supplies a reason why it cannot fill the request).
  • The home library notifies its patron when the item arrives, lends it to the local patron, and returns it to the lending library when the patron brings it back.

How long does interlibrary loan take?
That’s a tough question to answer. Some items, such as magazine and journal articles that are available electronically, generally arrive within 1 or 2 working days. Items owned by in-state libraries generally arrive within 5 working days. Items owned by out-of-state libraries can take as long as 3 or 4 weeks to arrive. We recommend you plan ahead when it comes to interlibrary loan. We also recommend that you talk to a librarian before making an interlibrary loan request; we may be able to find resources available here that will meet your information need.

Who can use interlibrary loan?
Interlibrary loan services are limited to current BSC students and employees.

How do I find out if an item I requested through interlibrary loan (ILL) has arrived?
We will let you know by email and/or phone.  You can also check with us by calling 701-224-5450 or emailing BSC Library.

Can I renew an interlibrary loan item?
Usually.  What we can do is ask the lending library if we can keep the item longer.  To request renewal of ILL materials, email BSC Library or call 701-224-5450.

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Printing, Copying

Does it cost to print from the Library's computers?
Yes, we charge 10 cents/page for printing. Computer prints are routed to the printer at the Library's circulation/reference desk. Color printing is an option.

Mystic Print
Mystic Print is a pay-to-print printing service for BSC students. Students can print to designated printers from labs and personal computers while on the campus network. Mystic Print works with your Mystic ID and Mystic Dollars to pay for printing. A Mystic Print station is available in the Library.

I need photocopies.  Will you do that for me?
Staff can show you how to use the self-service, coin-op photocopier. Color copying is an option.

Payment Options
  • We accept cash or checks (for the amount of purchase with proper ID, e.g., current driver's license).
  • We cannot accept credit or debit cards.
  • No charging.
  • Change is available at the circulation/reference desk.

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