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Dry Fork: A Model of Modern U.S. Coal Power

Published: Aug 06 2018
Dry Fork: A Model of Modern U.S. Coal Power - Photo
The next time someone describes U.S. coal power as a pollution-belching, resource-sucking energy source, politely direct their attention to Dry Fork Station, a 420-MW single-unit plant located seven miles north of Gillette, Wyoming, owned by consumer-owned Basin Electric Power Cooperative (92.9%) and wholesale electricity provider Wyoming Municipal Power Agency (7.1%).

Since it entered commercial operation in 2011, the plant—outfitted with a bevy of advanced technologies designed to comply with the strictest environmental rules—has quietly been refining its performance. And today, manned by a full-time staff of just 83, the plant is one of the nation’s most efficient and cheapest power providers.

Read more at https://www.powermag.com/dry-fork-a-model-of-modern-u-s-coal-power/

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