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Teaching Teachers On Petroleum: NDPC to Host 2018 Teacher Education Seminar

Published: Jun 14 2018

Fifty teachers from across the state will be in Bismarck next week to learn more about North Dakota’s petroleum industry, a topic that has captured the attention of leaders, reporters and others around the world. The seminar kicks off on Monday, June 18 with lessons in geology, drilling, and completion technologies. Teachers will also participate in several hands-on activities they can take back to the classroom, including mixing their own frac fluid, building a power plant and more.

Teachers will also learn more about the regulatory process from BLM and state agency representatives. The seminar also includes a up-close look at a refinery, drilling rig, production site, reclaimed site and other equipment in North Dakota’s oilfields.

“Oil and gas development is a complex technological process that requires compliance with hundreds of regulations to ensure the safety of the environment and the workers,” said Ron Ness, president of the North Dakota Petroleum Council. “Getting teachers out onsite to see first-hand how industry works to maintain a clean and safe work environment is the best way to show how seriously these companies take their responsibilities.”

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