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Foundations in Emerging Technologies



Program Description

The Foundations in Emerging Technologies certificate provides the courses needed to provide the groundwork for individuals seeking the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning certificate and other certificates in the Cybersecurity and Computer Science pathways. Coursework includes cybersecurity principles, computer programming, math, and statistics. This certificate is intended for students already enrolled in another degree program or industry


Students should be comfortable operating and accessing computer applications, including the Internet

Prospective students should be prepared to pair this certificate with other certification/s to broaden their employment opportunities

Program Requirements

Students who complete the curriculum requirements receive a Program Certificate.

Career Opportunities

Individuals who pair this certificate with the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning certificate will be able to seek employment in multiple industries that utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning, including information technology, automotive, healthcare, aerospace, industrial, and manufacturing.
This program is not yet live in the Bismarck State College Academic Catalog.