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Mechatronics Engineering Technology

A learn-by-doing engineering degree

Land the job that falls between the engineer and the technician – where you will design system integration, build and test prototypes for product development, program software for embedded systems, and identify where and how to implement automation.

As a Mechatronics Engineer, you’ll be positioned to work in
  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer electronics
  • Healthcare
  • And more
It’s like an engineering degree but without all the theory and science.

At Bismarck State College, when you learn by doing, you’ll be ready Day One of your career.

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Build up to a bachelor’s degree

Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Automation & Robotics

Kickstart your career with a degree in Industrial Automation & Robotics. In this two-year degree, you will get hands-on, project-based learning to receive a solid foundation of electronic, electrical, mechanical, control systems, robotic systems and their integration to increase the productivity and efficiencies of industrial facilities. 

2- and 4- year options. Start with an associate degree and roll right into a bachelor's degree

Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Roll your 2-year right into a 4-year. Earn a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechatronics Engineering Technology in your own backyard at BSC. You'll learn from the best – and set a tone for success.

A sneak peek into project-based learning!

The right degree. The right career.

The right salary starts with the right career. And the prospects for graduates with a Mechatronics Engineering Technology degree are bright.

The demand for mechatronics professionals is on the rise, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting a 7% growth in engineering occupations from 2020 to 2030*. This growth is driven by the increasing need for automation and advanced manufacturing processes. Mechatronics specialists can expect numerous job opportunities, competitive salaries, and the potential for career advancement in this cutting-edge field. 

$65k starting salary. The right skills for the right career and the right salary.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Michigan Technological University
**Earning estimates were provided by Lightcast in the summer of 2024

Tuition that gets you there!

Map of 10 states and 2 provinces that receive in-state tuition.Save thousands on tuition with already low tuition costs and BSC Scholarships and Waivers! With our in-state tuition reciprocity for 10 states and two Canadian provinces, we're keeping costs even lower. 

At BSC, we're committed to keeping tuition affordable and offering generous financial aid packages so you can graduate with little to no debt. 


You've got what it takes. Now make it happen!

Group of mechatronic students and an instructor standing around a drafting table and yellow automation arm.Ready to start doing – to kickstart your future with real-world, hands-on learning?

Start your degree in Mechatronics Engineering Technology and learn what it takes to land a high-paying, resilient career by getting the job DONE RIGHT.

Your future starts now!

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