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BSC's music program provides core curriculum for music teachers and professional performers with coursework in music theory, vocal methods, applied music, conducting, piano and more. Performance ensembles are open to all students. Students may earn a four-year degree in music on the BSC campus. Several music scholarships are available.

New enrollments into this transfer option are restricted as of Spring 2025. Please contact an academic advisor about alternative options.


Music study offers opportunities for personal development and to improve creative thinking. BSC’s music program provides core curriculum for music teachers and professional performers. Coursework includes aural skills, music theory, vocal methods, conducting, piano class, applied music, and a full complement of performance ensembles including vocal, winds, strings, and percussion. Declared music majors can apply for several music scholarships.

Non-majors and students of all abilities are welcome to study and to participate in the BSC band, choir, and chamber ensembles. Participation earns humanities and enrichment credits toward graduation. All students may study privately with vocal and instrumental instructors. BSC has scholarships for students in any field who show talent in music and actively participate in ensembles.


Music students should enjoy the process of learning and making music, a variety of musical styles, and working with people. Some previous piano, instrument, or vocal experience is helpful but not required.


Students who complete the requirements earn an Associate in Arts degree and may transfer as a music major to a four-year college.

Bismarck State College has many cooperative, articulation, or transfer agreements with postsecondary institutions both inside and outside of the North Dakota University System. Some of these agreements are established to allow students to remain on campus as they complete their bachelor’s degree. In all cases, students seeking to transfer after completing a degree at BSC should consult the academic catalog of their destination college and work with their academic advisor to plan for this transition.

Career Opportunities

Opportunities occur for students to meet, study, and perform with highly regarded professional musicians.



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