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Ranch Operations



Program Description

The Ranch Operations Certificate program is a concentrated curriculum designed to train students for an entry-level position in the Production Livestock Industry. The program emphasizes hands-on learning through labs and practicum experience.  Students will have the knowledge and skills to assess health and treatment regimens, interpret nutritional needs and feeding systems, execute pasture and grazing management, and discuss issues facing the livestock industry. Technology is infused in the curriculum and includes computer-assisted ration formulation, performance record-keeping software, mapping of pastures, infrastructure and cowherd movement, and exploration of innovative technologies.


Students interested in agriculture should be resourceful, flexible, and creative problem solvers. Some ranch experience is helpful, but not required. Interested students are encouraged to apply as openings are limited. 

Program Requirements

Students who complete the curriculum requirements earn a Ranch Operations Certificate.

Required Program Entrance Scores

ACT: Math 15; English 15; Reading 15
NEXT GEN ACCUPLACER: Math 236, Reading 240, Writing 246
Classic ACCUPLACER: Math 40, Reading 61, Writeplacer 3

If you do not meet entrance scores, please contact Charlotte Heim, (701)224-2682, to discuss options for acceptance into the program.

Career Opportunities

Advances in technology, grazing practices, and animal health in the beef cattle industry are creating a significant demand for trained employees. The demand exists in all segments of the industry from seedstock and cow-calf producers to feedlot operations. Certificate holders will possess the basic skills to work in these segments while continuing their training on the job.

Special Costs

A $100 deposit, required upon acceptance into the program, is applied toward tuition. Fee is non-refundable if you decide not to attend BSC.

Additional Information

Students may continue with their education towards a Farm and Ranch Management AAS degree.
Ag Club is the most active club on the BSC campus. Members host tailgating prior to Mystics events, participate in monthly social activities, partake in volunteer opportunities, attend field trips to various agribusinesses and promote agriculture on the BSC campus.

Scholarships are readily available to students enrolled in agriculture degree programs.


Kenan Layden • Career Academy 103

Charlotte Heim – Career Academy 105