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Career Readiness


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With an ever-changing workplace, the requirement of attributes for employability remains constant and is a regular need from future employers. The Career Readiness certificate offers students an opportunity to learn the theory of necessary skillsets, and directly apply this knowledge into practical project-based assessment in their specific field of interest. The 16-credit certificate includes coursework that can stack on top of any degree plan to enhance your competitive edge in the workforce.

The Career Readiness certificate empowers students to go above and beyond their degree plan based on educational and professional goals. The short-term certificate is designed to provide workforce ready skills that can be applied to any profession.


Students who complete the curriculum requirements can earn a certificate. The courses within the Career Readiness program are also available for individual enrollment by any BSC student. Students who have completed the ND CTE Career Readiness Program may be eligible to receive articulated credit toward the Career Readiness Certificate. Students should consult with an academic advisor prior to enrolling in program courses.

Career Opportunities

The Career Readiness credential provides the foundation for workforce preparedness, along with the opportunity for career advancement and increased job responsibility.


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