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BSC Scholarships

Bismarck State College offers nearly $1.3 million in scholarships to BSC students each year. Scholarships are funded by the BSC Foundation through generous contributions from alumni, faculty and staff, friends, parents, campus organizations, and corporations. Scholarships are not just limited to academics. We also have scholarships for various areas of study, including Cybersecurity, Energy, journalism, performing arts, technical and visual arts. Student awards range from $250 to $6,000 and can be re-awarded annually! Every student should apply. Scholarships are not limited to financial need, and both part-time and full-time students are eligible. 

The Priority Application deadline is Jan. 1. All applications must include a transcript along with ACT Score (if taken).  Applications can be submitted until Sept. 1. Applicants must be a citizen of the United States of America, national, refugee alien or permanent resident alien at the time of application.

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Thank you to our scholarship donors.

Heavy Equipment Operations

$70K available in scholarships for Heavy Equipment Operations students starting in the Fall 2024.

Students can receive up to $4,600 to apply toward tuition, fees, books and housing. All students enrolled in the Heavy Equipment Operations program should apply.


Energy & Automation Program Scholarships

BSC offers over $250k in BSC scholarships designated for Energy and Automation students!

Due to the high demand for manufacturing and energy industry employees, students enrolled in automation and energy programs at BSC are eligible to receive up to $5,000/academic per semester!  Every student should apply. 

Scholarships are not limited to financial need, and part-time and full-time students are eligible. 


NSF AIM (STEM) Scholarship

The AIM (Accomplish Innovate Motivate) S-Stem Scholarship is a grant provided by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to Bismarck State College (BSC). This grant allows BSC to provide scholarships to students that are seeking a STEM degree, and who can demonstrate an unmet financial need.  


Nuclear R.C. Scholarship

Bismarck State College provides this scholarship to encourage students to enter the nuclear generation, medical or research workforce. Underrepresented populations such as women, minorities and students with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.


Hites & Fiedler Scholarship

The Hites Family Foundation/Walt and Norma Fiedler Scholarship provides up to $4,000 distributed over two years for graduates of Bismarck State College (BSC) to continue their studies at baccalaureate degree-granting colleges or universities, including BSC.


External Scholarships

Many local businesses and organizations provide scholarships to BSC students. Scholarships range from $500 to a full ride!

Scholarships include: ND Space Grant, ND Academic Scholarship, ND Career & Technical Education (CTE) Scholarship, ND Dual-Credit Tuition Scholarship, ND Indian Scholarship, ND Scholars Program and many more! For more information about the types of scholarships offered and how to apply, please visit the External Scholarship Directory.



Like scholarships, waivers are used to offset college expenses and don’t need to be paid back. A waiver is a dollar value applied to tuition, fees, or residence hall costs based on the type of waiver the student has been granted. Waivers are not refundable and will reflect no more than the actual charge the waiver is specified for. Waivers may not carry forward to future semesters, students must be eligible for the waiver based on the waiver qualifications.


National Scholarship Searches

In addition to local businesses that provide scholarships specifically for BSC students, there are many national organizations that provide scholarships to students meeting specific criteria. Check out the scholarship searches through, Fast Web and Sallie Mae.