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Program Data

Enrollment and Graduation Data
School Year Total Declared Majors Graduates
2008-2009 11 8
2009-2010 13 7
2010-2011 16 9
2011-2012 18 5
2012-2013 20 7
2013-2014 15 7
2014-2015 7 4
2015-2016 20 9
2016-2017 13 9
2017-2018 11 9
2018-2019 10 7
2019-2020 20  
Program Objectives
We expect that within a few years of graduation, graduates of the Engineering Technology program at Bismarck State College will be:
  1. situated in productive careers involving design and/or support of engineering activities
  2. effective communicators of engineering concepts using their graphical, oral and written communication skills
  3. trusted and respected employees who are socially responsible, work well with others, and function effectively in diverse and multi-disciplinary organizations and teams
  4. active life-long learners that seek and utilize professional development opportunities to maintain and enhance their technical, personal and professional growth
Reviewed and Approved Spring, 2016
Engineering Technology Faculty and Advisory Committee
Program Outcomes
We expect that upon graduation, students in the Engineering Technology program at Bismarck State College will be able to:
  1. the ability to utilize principles, hardware, and software to produce drawings, reports, quantity estimates, and other documents related to civil engineering and related disciplines
  2. the ability to conduct standardized field and laboratory tests related to civil engineering and construction
  3. the ability to utilize individual or collaborate surveying methods appropriate for land measurement and/or construction layout
  4. the ability to apply fundamental computational methods and elementary analytical techniques in the analysis and design of components and processes of sub-disciplines related to civil engineering
  5. a foundational understanding of the basic concepts and processes related to construction project management, water utilities and infrastructure, surveying, and materials testing
  6. the ability to function effectively as a member of a technical team
Reviewed and Approved Fall, 2019
Engineering Technology Faculty