Surveying Lab

The Surveying Lab is located in the National Energy Center of Excellence on the Bismarck State College campus.  The lab includes an array of modern and traditional surveying equipment. 

GNSS Receivers:

BSC has 6 complete Trimble R8 GNSS receiver setups. The Trimble R8 receiver is one of the new breed of receivers to measure traditional U.S. GPS satellite as well as Russian GLONASS satellites.  With its ability to track up to 44 satellites, students learn the true power of surveying in this capacity as they can quickly make surveying measurements with incredible accuracy.  With 6 complete lab setups of the R8, surveying lab students are able to get a considerable amount of hands-on time during labs.
Trimble R8 GNSS Receiver
Trimble R8 GNSS
Robotic/Spatial Total Stations

BSC has two complete Trimble VX Spatial Stations. These impressive instruments capture and combine scanning, imaging and surveying in one package. Using remote technology, students learn the methods and techniques of modern "single person survey crews."  In addition to that, students learn and practice 3D scanning, the newest trend in surveying practice for capturing existing ground and as built conditions for projects
Trimble VX
Trimble VX Spatial Station
Total Stations:
BSC has 6 total station instruments: 4 Nikon DTM-332 total stations, 1 Sokkia SET-610 total station and 1 Sokkia SET-600 total station.  Unlike traditional surveying practice where surveyors used different instruments to measure distances and angles, surveyors now can use total stations to measure both distances (horizontal, vertical, and slope distances) and angles.  This is possible since total stations consist of an electronic theodolites (or transit) integrated with an electronic distance meter (or EDM).
Nikon DTM-332 Total Station
Data Collectors

To complement the use of both the GNSS receivers and the total stations, BSC has two Trimble TSC3 data collectors and six Trimble TSC2 data collectors. The term "data collector" can be a bit misleading since the TSC3's and TSC2's are more like handheld computers. The collectors run handheld Windows based software with data collection software.  In addition to collecting surveying point data, the collectors can also do field surveying calculations
Data Collector
Trimble TSC3 & TSC2 Data Collectors
BSC has 6 Nikon AX-2s autolevels.  Autolevels are used by students in differential leveling exercises.
Nikon Automatic Level - 20X
Nikon AS-2 Autolevel
Traditional Equipment

We are very proud of our modern surveying equipment and the opportunities for teaching students how to incorporate and use that equipment.  However, in addition to this equipment, BSC has a large collection of traditional surveying equipment, including transits, theodolites and levels.  Introducing students to this equipment and allowing them to take measurements with it helps students to understand surveying through traditional perspectives.