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Bismarck State College and Bismarck Public Schools are proud to offer students the opportunity to earn up to 28 college credits while in high school.  Students who complete the following courses can then apply the 28 college credits towards the Instrumentation & Control or Electronics/Telecommunications programs at BSC:

Electronics - Year One (Sophomore)
The basics: building and analyzing basic circuits, with emphasis on electronics theory and lab experience.  This class gives students the fundamentals that will help them in any electrical career.

Electronics - Year Two (Junior)
Emphasizes analog technology - designing, building and troubleshooting circuits.  Applies knowledge learned in year one.

Electronics - Year Three (Senior)
Real-world application.  Students will design and install computer networks, home theater systems, security systems, and program microprocessors used in industry.  The class also tours and does many off-campus projects.  The second semester focuses on digital electronics technology used throughout area post-secondary electronics programs.

Earn BSC Credits in High School - Save Thousands!

3 years of electronics courses in high school (28 BSC credits) = $280.00

Earning 28 BSC credits as a freshman in college = $4,443.32 + books/room/board

For more information, contact:

Lee Gullingsrud
701.323.4340 ext. 3025

Cory Mitzel
701.323.4340 ext. 3026

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