Student Success Stories

JoElla Cole began working at a nuclear facility in Nuclear Security in 2001.  She became interested in Bismarck State College's Nuclear Power Technology program in 2005 and signed up for the program, which is offered totally online.  She was drawn to BSC because the program met INPO entry-level requirements.  The program also brought an opportunity because of the ease of accessibility.  JoElla worked 12 hour shifts and taking a program on a campus would not fit into her schedule.  Another reason she found the program intriguing was because of the industry endorsements and the accreditation BSC holds.

JoElla started the program in May of 2005 and recently received the Associate in Applied Science degree in Nuclear Power Technology.  JoElla said the program and curriculum are fantastic.  "The instructors did a tremendous job on getting my foot in the door at Progress Energy," JoElla said. "The fact that they have industry experience is the key to a better learning experience and puts students at ease knowing they have someone instructing them with a strong industry background."

JoElla was been hired as an Auxiliary Operator Class C at Plant Robinson, Progress Energy and began on December 27, 2007.

Congratulations on your accomplishments, JoElla!