What is Energy Services & Renewable Technician?

istock_000010520431large_jpg.jpgThe Energy Services & Renewable Technician program gives students an introduction to many aspects of field service work associated with energy and industrial/manufacturing industries. The program includes electrical applications, control systems, mechanical applications, operation principles and troubleshooting exercises.

Those successfully completing the program will have the necessary knowledge in many areas to enter the workforce as a technician in the area of energy field services, renewable power including wind farms and solar generation facilities, conventional energy plants or other industrial/manufacturing type facilities. Some of the topics studied and emphasized as hands-on exercises included in the program are electrical/safe work practices, electronics, mechanics, hydraulics, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), electric motor control, wind turbine systems, and photovoltaic systems. This program will also include extensive troubleshooting of the various systems covered throughout the curriculum.

Prospective students should be prepared for the physical demands of the work associated with technician positions when considering this program. Typical industry entry-level position requirements include passing a physical exam, which may include: lifting 50+ pounds, climbing ladders, working in confined spaces, working at elevated heights, etc. When applying for jobs applicants may also be required to pass a drug screen and an eye exam, including the ability to distinguish between colors accurately.