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15060348_1399917046685584_1724450022_o.jpgQuite some time ago, around the first couple of weeks on campus, a cat showed up near the back halls, where I and most of the international students reside. She is obviously not a stray: she is well fed, has a collar, and is anything but shy. Everyone, especially the international students, are a little bit obsessed with her (myself included), and we have even given her a name: Bellsocks the uni-cat.

There are ongoing theories about where she comes from, and whose cat she is, but some are more realistic than others. The most probable is that she belongs to one of the families who lives in one of the houses right by campus, but there are much more fun ideas: a student snuck her to the university because they would miss her too much, a teacher brings her to school and lets her roam while they teach class everyday, and simply, she is just the uni-cat.

I am not afraid to admit that I have a bag of cat treats that I keep in my room, and I am not ashamed to admit that it has won me favor with Bellsocks. It may seem extreme, but I am not the only one! People leave food dishes out for her all the time, they bring her inside the dorms on cold days, and one student in my hall saves chicken scraps for her. The result of this affection for BellsocksBellsocksinWindow.jpg is the simple affection from Bellsocks.

Now, if I see her and call her, she comes running to me. She might let me hold her and pet her for a little bit, but soon she will realize that I do not have the treats on me at the time, and will lose interest. However, she knows who is willing to feed her and who is not, and there are very few people who fall in the latter category.

She is a funny thing, and has the tendency to jump into open windows of the dorm rooms, especially if she smells food. Just a couple weeks ago, she jumped in mine and hung out with me for a few minutes before jumping back out. She is the perfectly distracting stress relief we all need right now to combat the stress of our upcoming term papers.

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