Foreign Language

For more information contact:
Ryan Pitcher • Schafer Hall 312D • 701-224-5463

Program Description
The need to know another language is now a necessity for persons who want to make themselves marketable in today's global economy. By exposing oneself to foreign languages, individuals not only learn to appreciate and value diversity but also gain a better understanding of themselves.
In BSC's Spanish program, speakers can experience the thrill of being able to communicate information, feelings and ideas in another language. Faculty are committed to help students foster personal confidence and confidence in others by implementing traditional teaching methods and the latest technology to develop foreign language skills required for use in day-to-day tasks.

Students will be placed in the appropriate language course according to the following two guidelines:

1. Previous foreign study
  • Spanish 101 - No previous foreign language study or up to one year of high school foreign language study
  • Spanish 102 - Two years of recent high school foreign language study (within the past four years)
  • Spanish 201/202 - Three to four years or recent high school foreign language study or one year of college foreign language study
2. A college-level foreign language placement test will be administrated to all students with previous foreign language experience. To make a testing appointment, call Ryan Pitcher at 701-224-5463 or the BSC Testing and Assessment Office at 701-224-5658.

Program Requirements
Students who complete the requirements earn an Associate in Arts degree. Spanish courses fulfill the Humanities requirement for BSC graduation and will transfer as humanities to help fulfill university graduation requirements.

Students should be aware that many four-year schools demand a two-year, college-level foreign language proficiency requirement in many majors. Students planning to continue their studies in a foreign language should follow the Liberal Arts suggested curriculum while at BSC and check requirements of the college to which they want to transfer.

Career Opportunities
The study of foreign languages, in combination with another major, provides opportunities in government agencies, the Foreign Service, international business, import-export, banking or tourism.

Career opportunities include translator, interpreter, and foreign language teacher.