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Deb Shipman • Jack Science center 201B • 701-224-2458

Program Description
The Pre-Optometry program at BSC provides core classes toward a baccalaureate degree for students planning a career in optometry. Because optometry schools differ in their requirements, BSC offers an extended associate degree program (more than 60 credits) and a variety of courses required by optometry schools. Core study includes general chemistry and biology, organic chemistry, college physics, and algebra and trigonometry or calculus. Other required optometry courses available at BSC are anatomy and physiology, microbiology and statistics.
High school students planning careers in Optometry should study as much science and math as possible. Those with a strong background in these subjects may finish the suggested BSC curriculum in two years. It is strongly encouraged that students spend a certain amount of hours observing a practicing optometrist.

Program Requirements
Students completing the suggested curriculum requirements receive an Associate in Science degree and are eligible for transfer to a four-year institution.

BSC has cooperative agreements with the University of North Dakota and several other four-year institutions that allow students to continue with a bachelor's degree on the BSC campus. It is critical that those transferring to other institutions should consult the catalog of the transfer school and modify BSC's suggested curriculum where necessary.

Contact your BSC advisor for assistance with transfer planning.

Career Opportunities
Optometry school applicants are selected based on academic ability, letters of reference from instructors, and score on the Optometric College Admission Test. Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 to complete this exam with an acceptable score. Consult for more information.