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Program Description
The Pre-Pharmacy program provides the first two years of core classes for students planning a career in pharmacy. BSC's curriculum has been developed based on the suggested pre-professional curriculum of North Dakota State University's School of Pharmacy.Coursework focuses on general biology and chemistry, organic chemistry, college physics, anatomy and physiology, microbiology and applied calculus.
High school students planning careers in pharmacy should study algebra, geometry, trigonometry, biology, physics and chemistry. Important personal attributes are integrity, accuracy, orderliness, and a business sense for those interested in self-employment.

Program Requirements
Students completing the suggested curriculum receive an Associate in Science degree and are eligible for transfer to a four-year institution.

This curriculum has been developed based on the suggested preprofessional curriculum of North Dakota State University's School of Pharmacy. Students planning to transfer to NDSU should regularly check the School of Pharmacy's most current curriculum.

Students planning to transfer to a pharmacy school other than NDSU should refer to that institution's catalog and modify this curriculum accordingly.

Contact your BSC advisor for assistance with transfer planning.

Career Opportunities
Careers in pharmacy vary because of specialties such as pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, hospital pharmacy, and pharmacy administration. Others teach in colleges of pharmacy, supervise the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, research and develop new medicines, or write and edit articles for pharmaceutical journals.

Career Possibilities: Pharmacist, Research Pharmacist.