RELS 120-Religion in America (Fall, 3 credits)
An introduction to the rich variety of religious expressions in the United States. Mainline Christians, lesser known groups, and some Eastern religions will be visited by lecture, reading and guest speakers.

RELS 201-Life and Letters of Paul (Spring, 3 credits)
This course develops a deeper understanding and a heightened appreciation for Paul, the infamous persecutor of Christians, who eventually became the first great Christian missionary, and whose writings were canonized as a major portion of the New Testament.

RELS 203-World Religions (F&S, 3 credits)
An introduction to the origin and major tenants of Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam by lecture, reading, discussion and video.

RELS 220-Old Testament (Fall, 3 credits)
A study of the religious, political, and social history of ancient Israel as reflected in the Hebrew Bible. The focus is from Abraham to Jesus.

RELS 230-New Testament (Spring, 3 credits)
A study of the New Testament and other writings that came into being between 50 and 150 C.E. This includes the canonical gospels, history, epistles and apocalypse, along with several other gospels and epistles that did not make it into the accepted 27. Texts are analyzed by using contemporary literal-historical, redactional, comparative, and thematic methods.