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BSC's psychology curriculum enhances knowledge and understanding of human behavior for students pursuing a four-year degree in a psychology or those interested in studying human and animal behaviors.




Psychologists study and explain animal and human behaviors including mental processes. Psychologists apply this knowledge to optimize people’s lives. BSC’s psychology curriculum enhances knowledge and understanding of human behavior for students:

  1. entering the work force
  2. seeking service courses in psychology as a non-major and/or
  3. preparing to transfer into a four-year degree in psychology


Students should have an interest in human behavior. High school class suggestions include psychology and/or other social sciences, math preparation for college algebra and statistics, and writing.


Students who complete the suggested curriculum earn an Associate in Science degree or an Associate in Arts degree.

Bismarck State College has many cooperative, articulation, or transfer agreements with postsecondary institutions both inside and outside of the North Dakota University System. Some of these agreements are established to allow students to remain on campus as they complete their bachelor’s degree. In all cases, students seeking to transfer after completing a degree at BSC should consult the academic catalog of their destination college and work with their academic advisor to plan for this transition.

Career Opportunities

Individuals with a bachelor’s degree in psychology are qualified to assist psychologists and other professionals in community and research settings. More opportunities are available with advanced degrees. They include clinical/counseling, education/teaching, experimental/research, organizational/industrial, social psychology, developmental psychology, psychometrics (testing), neuropsychology, vocational rehabilitation and behavior analysis.



Dr. Theresa Felderman • Schafer Hall 302