Honors & Standing

Presidents Honor Roll

A President’s Honor Roll is compiled and published at the end of each semester, after final grades have been posted in CampusConnection.  This honor gives recognition to Full-time students who have maintained at least a 3.50 grade point average while enrolled in at least 12 BSC semester credit hours.  The designation will be recorded on the student’s transcript at the end of the respective semester.  The student will receive notification from the president in recognition of their achievement, and their name will be published in the local paper.
BSC Policy – President’s Honor Roll

Academic Standing

BSC is committed to the academic success of every student.  The college will monitor a student’s grades and issue an appropriate warning if grades are inadequate.  The academic standing which is based on Term and Cumulative grade point average is determined once, at the end of each semester, after final grades have been posted in CampusConnection. 
Poor performance could result in being placed in one of the following standings:
  • Warning
  • Probation
  • Continued probation
  • Suspension
The College keeps students informed of their academic standing by printing a statement on the student’s transcript as well as sending correspondence directly to the student.  
View the online workshops for Warning and Probation to help you understand the meaning of this standing and to provide information on how to improve your grade point average. 
Students in poor academic standing should meet with their academic advisor or the Mystic Advising and Counseling Center to discuss academic goals and develop a plan toward success.
Refer to the BSC policy for a complete description of each level of standing.
BSC Policy – Academic Warning, Probation and Suspension

Readmission from Academic Suspension

Students who are academically suspended are formally notified by letter. If a student is enrolled for any future semesters they are administratively withdrawn to zero credit and inactivated as a BSC student.
Students may apply for readmission.

To be considered for readmission students must:
  • Be suspended from BSC with the lapse of at least one semester or
  • Be suspended from another institution other than BSC with the lapse of at least one semester
  • Complete the readmission process at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the academic semester to be considered for readmission.
Complete the steps below to be readmitted:
  1. Complete the BSC Admissions Application
  2. Complete the Academic Suspension Readmission Request Form
  3. Contact the Mystic Advising and Counseling Center at bsc.advising@bismarckstate.edu or 701-224-5752 to review readmission request with an Academic Advisor. The Academic Advisor will assist the student with a "Student Readmission Plan."