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Transfer Agreements

Many students attend Bismarck State College with the goal of transferring to a four year institution. BSC has articulation agreements with several institutions to aid in the transfer process.

North Dakota


North Dakota University System Transfer and Articulation Information

General Education Requirement Transfer Agreement (GERTA)
If you're planning to transfer to another North Dakota state college or university, it's now a lot easier to select courses. With the approval of GERTA, you can know ahead of time exactly what will and what won't be accepted as general education courses at another institution.

GERTA Guides
GERTA Request Form

Common Course Numbering
The transfer of coursework among University System campuses, North Dakota tribal colleges and North Dakota private colleges is made easier by the use of a common course numbering system.  In addition to sharing the same numbers, courses with common, transferable content are identified by the same names and have common course descriptions.

Common Course Numbering (CCN)

Articulation Agreements
Articulation agreements serve as the basis for degree plans for students who transfer from one University System campus to another or who are concurrently enrolled in classes on two campuses.

What is an Articulation Agreement?

Helpful Hints on Transfer

Students who plan ahead, ask questions, and use pathways created by transfer and/or articulation agreements experience the most successful transfer experience. If you're currently enrolled at BSC, discuss your plans with your advisor or visit the advisors at the Mystic Advising & Counseling Center (MACC).

Call or visit your intended transfer institution. Ask them to direct you to the following materials and information:
  • College catalog
  • Transfer brochure
  • Information on admissions criteria and on materials required for admission (e.g., portfolio, transcripts, test scores). Note that some majors have limited enrollments or their own special requirements such as a higher grade point average.
  • Information on financial aid (how to apply and by what date).
After reviewing these materials, make an appointment to talk with an advisor/counselor in the transfer institution or program. Be sure to ask about course transfer and admission criteria.