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Drop/Withdraw FAQs

What will happen to my student account balance if I drop or withdraw from my classes?

You CANNOT withdraw from all courses or drop your last class in Campus Connection.  Attempting to do so may result in loss of refund, due to the class being dropped after the 100% tuition refund date according to the Dates and Deadlines Calendar for the term of enrollment.

** There is no refund for dropping a course(s) but remain enrolled in other course(s) after completing 9% of the course for the term.

Estimate course completion percentage:
Count the number of days that have passed from the start date to the withdraw date divide the total number of calendar days (not just class days) in the class.

Example: Student submits Withdraw to Zero form from the BSC website to withdraw from all classes for the Fall 2020 semester on 10/1/2021.  The student is enrolled in courses that all started on 8/24/2021 and end on 12/18/2021.  Here is how you estimate the percent of the courses you completed:

Total calendar days between start date and end date: 117 days
Total calendar days from start date to date Withdraw to zero form submitted to Academic Records office:  39 days
Estimate on Percent of Courses Completed:  39/117 = 0.3333 x 100 = 33.33%
*(4 decimal place calculation as seen in the table)

North Dakota State Board of Higher Education Tuition and Fee Refund Schedule
Percentage of tuition and fees refunded based on Course Completed:
  • 0.000% - 8.999% - Course Completed
    • 100% Refund - Dropping a Class
    • 100% Refund - Withdrawing from a Semester
  • 9.000% - 34.999% - Course Completed
    • 0% Refund - Dropping a Class
    • 75% Refund - Withdrawing from a Semester
  • 35.000% - 59.999% - Course Completed
    • 0% Refund - Dropping a Class
    • 50% Refund - Withdrawing from a Semester
  • 60.000% - 100.000% - Course Completed
    • 0% Refund - Dropping a Class
    • 0% Refund - Withdrawing from a Semester

Does a drop or withdraw affect my financial aid?

Each situation for financial aid is unique.  Contact financial aid for any of your questions

If I withdraw to zero credits can I take classes again?

If not already enrolled in the next semester, you will need to reapply for admissions for the semester they want to take classes.  Exception is for Summer.  This only pertains to Spring and Fall.

If enrolled in the next semester prior to withdrawing, you will remain in your classes and active in your current program

I withdrew from the term but decided I still want to attend; how do I re-enroll?

After withdrawing to zero credits you no longer have access to re-enroll into courses within CampusConnection for the term you withdrew.  

To re-enroll in the same term, contact the Academic Records Office to initiate a reverse withdraw.  Phone: 701-224-5420 Email: 

A reverse withdraw may also affect your account balance.  Contact Student Finance if questions.
701-224-5533 (last name A-H)
701-224-5691 (last name I-R)
701-224-5706 (last name S-Z).

I missed the withdraw deadline, can I still withdraw?

If the deadline is missed to withdraw, you must have experienced an extenuating circumstance, which prevented a drop or withdraw from occurring within the BSC dates and deadlines.  Documentation must show a specific date that the extenuating circumstance took place.
Extenuating circumstances include:
  1. medical
  2. military
  3. death in immediate family
  4. natural disaster or natural disaster (work related)
Please see the appeal section for more information.

What will a drop or withdraw look like on my transcript?

Dropped or withdrawn courses after the last day for no-record will be recorded as “W”.  The “W” does not impact GPA but indicates that you were enrolled in the course and dropped/withdrew after the last day for no-record.