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New Students -

New Students

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New Students

If you have not attended college since high school or this is your first time attending.

Get Started

  1. Make a registration appointment- check your registration packet for instructions
    1. Contact Academic Records
  2. Apply for Financial Aid & Scholarships
  3. Complete FAFSA 2022-2023
    1. Contact Financial Aid
  4. Explore CampusConnection
  5. View your To-Do's, Holds, & Communications
  6. Plan your Degree

How to Enroll

  1. You will enroll in classes at your registration appointment
  2. What to bring to your appointment
    • NDUS Account login information
    • Registration folder
    • Photo ID
    • Mobile phone

Next Steps

    1. Purchase Textbooks through the Bookstore or CampusConnection
    2. Accept or Decline Financial Aid
    3. Pay Tuition     4. Access your BSC Email & DUO
    5. Review Student Handbook
    6. Visit with Student Support Offices  
    7. Set up refund preferences
    8. Set up emergency contact information
    9. Complete FERPA 
   10. Complete Entrance Counseling and Loan Agreement & (MPN)
   11. Attend Classes
   12. Class Attendance Policy