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Welcome Air Force and Space Force GEM Students!

gem_logo.gifBismarck State College is a partner with the Community College of the Air Force for the General Education Mobile (GEM) program.

GEM enables students to sign up for their general education requirements in a single block of courses from the same college, providing greater educational continuity and faster completion of an airman's or guardian's associate degree.

With the GEM program, students near the beginning of their education will enroll for general education classes as a single five-course sequence taken online. Credits will transfer and apply toward the CCAF degree.

The Air Force Portal serves as the central online location for the program. From there, airmen and guardians will be able to browse course offerings.

Benefits of Enrolling at BSC

  • No application fees for active military
  • Distance learning leader -- BSC has students in 45+ states and many foreign countries
  • Committed to the individual. Our students and faculty get to know each other, whether online or on-campus
  • Live 24/7 online tutoring is available to all online students
  • 8-week courses...finish in one year

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