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GEM Courses

Bismarck State College offers the following courses for CCAF students working toward the completion of their Associates degree. For a current schedule of GEM courses and registration dates & deadlines, please view:

Written Communication

ENGL 110 College Composition I (3 credits)
This first course for developing writing skills offers students guided practice in a variety of descriptive-narrative and expository forms, related reviews of grammar and standard usage, and reading and discussion related to these activities. Library research is incorporated into this course. GERTA-COM.
Prerequisite: Students must have an ACT English score of 18 or above(no more than 5 years old), a COMPASS Writing Skills score of 68 or above (no more than 3 years old) or ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills score of 88 or above (no more than 3 years old).  Students who have a lower score than what is listed will also need to enroll in ASC 88 Composition Lab.  For more information about assessment, please view step 4 of GEM Admission/Application.

Social Science

ECON 201 Principles of Microeconomics (3 Credits)
A microeconomics approach to the study of the present economic system; a study of the principles of economics including factors which influence supply and demand, price determination through supply and demand, profit maximization under different economic structures, efficiency, and the capital market. GERTA-SS.

PSYC 111 Introduction to Psychology (3 Credits)
Psychology is a science that attempts to understand and predict behavior and to study its relationship to unseen mental processes and to external events in the environment. Subject matter includes the learning processes, perception, motives, emotions, personality, developmental, social and abnormal behavior. This course is a general prerequisite to other psychology courses. BSC-SBS, GERTA-SS.

SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology (3 Credits)
Sociology is the study of the development and maintenance of human society and the process and products of culture. This course provides a basic foundation of vocabulary, concepts and theories that will enable students to investigate, evaluate and understand the social world in which we live. BSC-SBS, GERTA-SS.

HIST 103 United States to 1877 (3 Credits)
A survey of American History - political, social, economic, cultural - from the Colonial Period to the Civil War, with emphasis on the English Colonial Experience, the American Revolution, the establishment of the Union, early reform movements, slavery, and the coming of the Civil War. GERTA-A&H.

HIST 104 United States since 1877 (3 Credits)
A survey of American History - political, social, economic, cultural - from the close of the Civil War to the contemporary period, with emphasis on the transformation of the United States into a modern industrial nation, the concerns of progressive America, and the emergence of the United States from economic disaster to become a powerful and prosperous country. GERTA-A&H.

Oral Communication

COMM 110 Fundamentals of Public Speaking (3 Credits)
The course is designed to lay a foundation in skills for informal and formal speaking situations: the selection and evaluation of materials for speaking, composition, organization, audience adaptation, and delivery. GERTA-COM.

For this course students will record themselves via webcam presenting their speeches to at least 3 people.  Google Video is used to upload and view speeches for the class. Google Video is how all speeches are to be uploaded and sent to the instructor. The instructor then views the speeches and then sends them out to be evaluated by your fellow classmates.


MATH 103 College Algebra (4 Credits)
Solutions of linear and quadratic equations and inequalities, graphing functions and relations, polynomial and rational functions, systems of equations and inequalities, exponential and logarithmic functions.
Prerequisite: Students must have an ACT Math score of 21 or above (no more than 5 years old), a COMPASS Algebra score of 49 or above (no more than 3 years old) or ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra score of 116 or above (no more than 3 years old). GERTA-MST. For more information about assessment, please view step 4 of GEM Admission/Application.


PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy (3 Credits)
Examination of the meaning of basic concepts, such as "fact", "mind and matter", "good and evil", "space and time", "change", "divinity", and the influence gender has had on philosophical assumptions. Students must be willing to consider challenging issues from unfamiliar viewpoints. They will be encouraged to look for reasons for belief, to think through issues and clearly express why they agree with or differ from others. GERTA-A&H.

PHIL 210 Ethics (3 Credits)
An introduction to the problems of moral choice, the meaning of value and the process of making a value judgment. Application of the ethical theory to moral issues and the role of action versus theorizing is discussed. GERTA-A&H