Pell Grant

A Federal Pell Grant does not have to be repaid. Pell Grants are awarded to undergraduate students who have not earned a Bachelor or professional degree.

Students apply for a Pell Grant by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. A formula is used by the Department of Education to determine a student's Expected Family Contribution and Pell Grant eligibility. The Pell Grant amount a student receives can change depending upon the number of credits a student is enrolled in.
• 12+ credits  = Full-time
• 9-11 credits = Three-quarter time
• 6-8 credits   = Half-time
• 1-5 credits   = Less than half-time

The maximum Federal Pell Grant amount for the 2016-2017 academic year will be $5,815. There is no priority funding deadline to apply for this grant.

Federal Pell Grant Award: Based on enrollment status and percentage/dollar amount.
12 + Credits -100%
9-11 Credits  -75%
6-8   Credits  -50%
3-5   Credits  -25%