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Payment Plan

Bismarck State College is offering a monthly payment plan option to students with a Spring 2020 balance who may be experiencing challenges in paying their balance. You must enroll by May 1, 2020 to be eligible for this Payment Plan.

Enrollment period

April 14, 2020 through May 1, 2020

You must contact Student Finance prior to May 1 to set up your Spring 2020 Payment Plan.

All phone lines are open for your convenience: 

Additional Information

What else should I know about the Spring Payment Plan?
Charges accrued after the payment plan enrollment period will not be added to the payment plan balance and would need to be paid by the due date of the charge.

You do need to speak with Student Finance to sign up, so please email or call with questions regarding the application!
Which of my charges are eligible for a payment plan?
This option is for charges incurred in the Spring 2020 semester only. Additional eligible charges may occur after initial enrollment in the payment plan and will increase subsequent monthly payment amounts.

Charges eligible for the Monthly Payment Plan include:
  • Tuition
  • Fees (mandatory student fees course fees, class fees and distance fees)
  • Residence Hall Room and Board
Charges not eligible include:
  • International Student Health Insurance
  • Resident Hall Fines
  • Library Fines
  • Returned Payments
  • Returned Payment Fees
  • Late Fees
Charges for summer courses cannot be included in this payment plan option. 

A Fall Payment Plan will be available to students starting in August of 2020.
How will I know if I have been accepted into the Payment Plan?
Students should contact the Student Finance office at one of the numbers listed above or email (from your student email account) to request an application.

Students eligible to enroll in the payment plan will receive a link to the application, where the student will be prompted to log into the form, read the terms and agree by submitting the form electronically to Student Finance.

Once the student Payment Plan application is received in Student Finance, an email will be sent to the student detailing the installment amounts due for each installment date.
How will the payments work?
Monthly installments will be equal the sum of eligible charges, less any payments made after enrollment, divided by four. 

Payments can be made electronically via Campus Connection or mailed. Payment reminders will be sent to the student’s campus email two weeks prior to each installment due date.
  • Payment plan balances more than 5 days past due will result in the immediate cancellation of the payment plan. Upon cancellation, the remaining balance is due immediately, and the monthly late payment fee of 1.75% will be applied to all charges more than 30 days past due.
Students who remain current on installments within payment plan will not incur late fees or student holds.