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Withdraw/Drop Information

Don't learn the hard way about what happens if you stop attending class. Do the smart thing and officially drop the class or withdraw from college.

Visit Academic Records for Drop, Withdrawal, and Appeal Procedures

Financial Aid

Federal Student Aid is awarded to students with the assumption that the student will attend Bismarck State College for the entire term.  Students who do not intend to complete the entire semester due to a variety of reasons, must complete the Withdrawal to Zero Credits form.  If a student is enrolled for classes and does not complete the classes he or she is enrolled in, and receives failing grades for those classes, the student may need to repay a portion of the federal student aid received.

Repayment of Financial Aid

If a student received Federal Aid, the refund and any unearned financial aid the student has received will be returned to the federal financial aid program per federal law.  The student will be responsible for repaying the difference between any institutional refund and the amount of unearned aid received at the time of official withdrawal.  Allocation of unearned aid shall be consistent with federal law.  Bismarck State College must return unearned funds for which it is responsible as soon as possible but no later than 45 days from the determination of a student's withdrawal.  Any balance after allocation to sources of aid and payment of the student's account shall be returned to the student.  This refund policy shall not apply to deposits which may be subject to forfeiture under housing contracts or program admission policies.

Students who receive federal financial aid and receive all "F's" (failing grades) for the semester will be responsible for repaying all unearned financial aid received. Students who discontinue attending classes must initiate and complete the formal withdraw to zero credits process through the Academic Records Office to avoid failing grades.

For more information regarding treatment of Federal Student Aid when a student withdraws, click the link below.

Treatment of Withdrawal Information for Financial Aid

Refund Policy