Residency for tuition purposes is determined through information the student submits on the admission application to enroll at Bismarck State College.

Attention BSC Students: It is the student's responsibility to ensure that they were billed the correct tuition rate each term. Please check your Campus Connection Account to verify that you were billed the correct tuition rate.

To verify your tuition rate: Go to Campus Connection > Student Center  > Finance > Student Account Detail  > Tutition/Fees Account Details 

CLICK HERE TO FIND YOUR RESIDENCY & THE APPLICATION Numerous factors are considered when coding a student's residence such as:
  • Birthplace
  • Home/mailing address
  • Parent address
  • Place of High School Graduation
Students who are not in agreement with the residency determination have the right to dispute the residency coding by submitting an appropriate residency application based on legal resident status along with the required supporting documentation.

Residency is reviewed with each new BSC Admissions Application that is submitted.
  • A change of residency status request must be approved prior to finals week of the current semester, or else the change will be approved for the next consecutive term.
  • Tuition charges are then adjusted according to the new resident status for the approved semester only, with no previous terms adjusted, credited, or refunded.
  • Proof of residency must be re-submitted with any new application, whether determined not eligible for the requested residency status, or after a lapse in enrollment between terms.
Residency Policies/Procedures: Questions about Residency not answered here?
BSC Student Finance: 701-224-2678 Email:

Helpful Resources:
Request Federal Tax Transcript
Request Copy of ND Tax Form
Obtain Definition of Veteran Dependent from ND Century Code Section 37-01-40

The representations made in applications with regard to residency are made for the purpose of determining legal residency for tuition purposes only. All statements are subject to investigation and verification. Any false statement or omission made for the purpose of misleading or defrauding an institution constitutes grounds for expulsion.