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What happened in the year 1997?

BSC Students
  • The Red River floods Grand Forks and East Grand Fords, causing $2 billion in damage.
  • Princess Diana is killed in a car crash in Paris.
  • Titanic debuts in movie theatres.
  • Governor of North Dakota is Ed Schafer.
  • The average cost of a new home was $176,000 and a gallon of regular gas cost $1.22.
  • You graduated from Bismarck State College, now known as North Dakota's Polytechnic Institution!

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Then and Now

1997 BSC
2,481 Students
$112,000 in Scholarships
12 Campus Buildings
53 Academic Programs

2022 BSC
3,579 Students
$641,000 in Scholarships
24 Campus Buildings
100+ Academic Programs