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Photo Gallery

BSC Student Nurses Organization 2014
The BSC Student Nurse Organization (SNO) involves nursing students from the Practical Nursing and RN classes.

2014 SNO Scrubs Camp 2014 SNO Scrubs CampBSC SNO members hosted a Scrubs Camp for students ages 7 to 12 on June 10th to become aware of the nursing profession.  Camp participants spent time with nursing activities and games.

1964 Student NursesStudent Nurses 1964
Working towards their RN, the Bismarck Hospital Nurses attend BJC to supplement the practical training and instruction received at the hospital.  

Pictured: Saralee Marguilies, Sharon Bahm, Elaine Berreth and Barbara Whitmore.  Row Two: Gloria Lester, Jean Stebner, Joan Griffin and Ramona Gillette.  Row Three: Diane Horning, DeeOn Morrison, Evangeline Wanner, Violet Schmierer and Jane Baseflug.  Row Four: Tom Ellis, David Miller, Dave Olsgaard, Peggy Borr, Sue Blaser, Delores Wacker, Sondra Meyer, Vicky Provolt, Coreen Parks, Sharon Rust and Geraldine Haugen.