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BSC Alumni of the Year Nomination

The BSC Alumni of the Year Award is the most prestigious honor – and the highest accolade – that Bismarck State College can bestow upon one of its alumni. Since 1978, the BSC National Alumni Association has honored alumni from all walks of life who have left their marks in their careers, communities, and the lives of others.
Do you know a graduate of Bismarck Junior College or Bismarck State College who deserves to be recognized?  In your considerations, think about alumni who have been successful in their careers, have received other recognitions, are active volunteers or are held in high regard by others – that person may be the perfect nominee for the Alumni of the Year Award.
The following criteria are considered in determining the recipient(s) of the BSC Alumni of the Year Award:
  1. The nominee must be a graduate of BJC / BSC.
  2. The individual has demonstrated exceptional success in his/her vocation, and/or has shown distinguished service and recognized leadership in his/her work or community.
  3. The individual is a giving person as demonstrated by one or more of the following: community service, church service, political service, and/or charitable service.
  4. The individual has received local, state, national, and/or international recognition.  
The Alumni of the Year Award recipient will be honored Thursday, May 11, 2023 on the BSC campus. The recipient must be in attendance.
Nominations must be received by December 1, 2022.
Nominees may be contacted for more information.
If you have any questions, please contact BSC Alumni Coordinator Christina Burns at 701-224-2486, 800-272-2586 or by email,


BSC Alumni of the Year Award Nomination Form

BSC Alumni of the Year Award Nomination Form
* Nominee Name (Please include maiden name if applicable)  
* Address  
* City  
* State  
* Zip Code  
* Phone  
* Preferred Email Address  
* BJC/BSC Graduation Year  
Other Education (Include any undergraduate and graduate degrees)
* Profession/Vocation  
* Employer  
* Awards/Honors/Achievements  
* Community Service  
* BSC and/or Alumni Association Involvement  
Please include names, addresses, and phone numbers of other individuals who may be able to provide further information about this nominee.
* Nominator Name  
* Address  
* City  
* State  
* Zip Code  
* Phone Number  
* Preferred Email Address  
* Are you a BJC/BSC graduate?  
If yes, what year did you graduate?
* By typing my full name below I am officially submitting this nomination to the Bismarck State College Alumni Association.