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Conversations at BSC explores the Protestant Reformation

Published: May 02 2017
Conversations at BSC explores the Protestant Reformation - Photo
Bismarck State College presents its third program in the 2016-17 Conversations at BSC series Sunday, May 7, with “The Quincentennial of The Protestant Reformation: A Reevaluation.”
Discussion between BSC President Larry C. Skogen and BSC humanities scholar Clay Jenkinson begins at 3 p.m. in the fourth floor Bavendick Stateroom of BSC’s National Energy Center of Excellence. Questions and comments from the audience will complete the conversation.
The Reformation (1517-1650) is one of the handful of pivotal moments in the history of western civilization. On the 500th anniversary of Luther's nailing his 95 theses to the door of Castle Church at Wittenberg (October 31, 1517), Conversations at BSC will look back on that shattering moment in the history of the Church to ask how and why it happened, what dynamics it unleashed, how it shaped subsequent history, and what was lost and what was gained by the fissuring of Christendom.
The conversation will explore the social, political, economic, and theological underpinnings of the Reformation, its implications for languages and literature, as well as its impact on the settlement of America. The lives of Luther, Calvin, and Erasmus, will be examined as well as the Counter (or Catholic) Reformation and its impact on subsequent Catholic doctrine and practices.
The final Conversations at BSC for this academic year will be held June 4. Funding is provided by Bismarck State College and the BSC Foundation.
Programs are unrehearsed and emphasize the 360-degree perspective of the humanities lens. Live video/audio streaming is available at Audio alone is available on The Myx at