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7 Exciting Ways a STEM Education Pays Off Big

Posted: Nov 16 2020
7 Exciting Ways a STEM Education Pays Off Big
As the world becomes more complicated and reliant on technology to innovate and solve problems, it’s smart to study for a future in the ever-growing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. By earning a degree in a STEM field, you’ll be prepared for a personally and financially rewarding career in the evolving tech-driven economy—one with unlimited opportunities.
If you’re currently enrolled at a high cost institution, or considering one for a STEM program, consider enrolling in a BSC STEM program. By choosing BSC, you’ll get an affordable, high-quality education with hands-on learning in your chosen STEM field of study. Credits earned at BSC are easily transferable and, best of all, tuition is half the cost of NDSU and UND.
Ride the wave of an electronics technology future.
Electronic Technicians will be in high demand in a world that’s rapidly undergoing a technological revolution. No matter where you look, electronics play a big part in virtually every industry. There will be an ongoing need for these skilled workers to install, maintain and repair increasingly complex systems well into the future.
The Electronics Technology one-year certificate program at BSC provides a basic electronic background and skills that will position you to enter the job market. The two semesters of digital electronics coursework will teach you about alternating and direct current analysis, solid state and active devices, and BSC’s state-of-the-art laboratory enables hands-on learning.
Another BSC degree program, Electronics and Telecommunications Technology, prepares students for a career in one of the fastest growing occupations requiring a college education. There’s a critical need for skilled workers who know how to install, maintain, and repair systems in everything from manufacturing and information technology to servicing and processing. That makes an education from BSC indispensable—and invaluable.
You can even learn to specialize in analog and digital telecommunications, copper and fiber optic media, radio communications, and digital electronics. With the advent of 5G cellular networks and the continued popularity of mobile phones, there is no end in sight for the technology boom, and BSC is ready to help you launch your career.
The job landscape looks good for GIS technicians.
According to the U.S. Department of Labor, geospatial technology is one of the most important emerging career fields. Geographic information systems, or GIS, is a powerful, computer-based tool that analyzes and displays geographic information and GIS proficiency is a skillset that many employers are seeking today.
As a leader in GIS education, BSC gives students flexibility by offering three program options: Associate in Applied Sciences, Certificate, and Certificate of Completion. To succeed in a GIS career, you’ll need to be someone with good interpersonal skills who enjoys working in teams. And you’ll need to have creative thinking abilities, problem-solving skills, curiosity and a strong aptitude for working with computers.
Get a technology degree that’s engineered for you.
These days, engineering technicians are in high demand, and BSC offers a two-year Engineering Technology program that will prepare you for immediate employment in engineering and construction-related industries.
You’ll get the hands-on learning for standard field and lab testing procedures, and broad exposure  to both traditional and modern surveying techniques. Other coursework will introduce you to water and wastewater treatment, elementary structural analysis, construction management and technical writing, just to name a few.
Recent updates have made the BSC Engineering Technology program facilities and equipment some of the very best in the region. Along with new classroom and lab areas, surveying labs offer modern equipment featuring robot/spatial stations, GPS survey receivers and data collectors. The new, fully equipped Armory lab also provides students with hands-on structural analysis and material testing lab-learning opportunities.
You can also check out BSC’s Instrumentation & Control Technology degree program. Instrument and control technicians are needed throughout North Dakota and are in high demand in the Bakken region.

The program combines theory and hands-on training with state-of-the-art instruments, working processes, and computerized control systems.
Multiply your opportunities with a degree in mathematics.
If you love math and the problem-solving that comes with it, the Mathematics program at BSC will provide you with a solid foundation in mathematics, university physics, and probability and statistics. You’ll learn analysis, problem solving, and the real-life application of mathematical principles. The curriculum will address both theoretical and applied mathematics including the use of graphics and computer software.
By studying mathematics at BSC, you’ll develop skills that are in high-demand, and there’s no shortage of interesting job opportunities to put your mathematical abilities to work. Here are a number of exciting careers to consider:
1. Biostatisticians solve biological problems, particularly in healthcare. They can study the effectiveness of new drugs or identify the source of an outbreak using data and mathematical modeling. They can also work in ecology to predict changes in ecosystems.
2. Actuaries assess and minimize risk by modeling outcomes. While actuaries typically work for large insurance companies, large business and start-ups also use them for guidance on what risks to take.
3. Logisticians develop plans to maintain and repair equipment. They work to improve efficiency and reduce downtime by tracking the condition of equipment and planning maintenance to avoid repairs.
4. Market Research Analysts forecast sales trends and gather data on consumers. They develop and track marketing campaigns to determine the most effective strategies for maximizing sales.
Analyzing data is in big demand.
In this new era of big data, there’s a big demand for skilled Data Analysts. In fact, the demand is so strong, and the supply of talent so limited, Data Analysts can command huge salaries and excellent perks, even at an entry level.
BSC’s Data Analytics Technician program provides students with highly marketable skills in data collection, data analysis, communication, organization, time management, and problem solving.

To get started toward a data analysis career, you’ll need to have basic file management skills, be able to easily navigate the internet, and be comfortable using email.
A career in accounting is worth taking into account.
The finance and accounting industry is poised for growth in the following decade. Projections from the U.S. Department of Labor estimate the field will grow by as much as 11% between now and 2026, which means job-seeking graduates will have more opportunities than ever before to land a stable career.
By studying for an accounting degree at BSC, you’ll gain overall knowledge of modern business and industry. Because technology is so critically important to those working in the accounting field today, BSC’s accounting program lets you train on the latest accounting software programs. It’s this kind of real-world learning that sets BSC apart and prepares you for success.
Medical lab tech jobs for the taking.
If you want a challenging career that serves the common good, a future as a Medical Lab Tech may be the one for you. Because medical laboratory science is such a demanding field, you’ll need to be someone who thrives on solving problems and works well under pressure. But if you’ve got what it takes, BSC provides the high-quality, hands-on education needed to thrive in a prosperous career.
Medical Lab Techs were in high demand, even before the current global health crisis. That means well-paying jobs are available in clinical and research facilities, public health labs and blood donor centers.
The higher the demand, the higher the salary.
We live in a world that is almost entirely dependent on technology and the professionals who have training, knowledge and skills to make technology work. It’s an urgent need that will only continue to grow.
The good news for students: the high demand for STEM-educated professionals also comes with higher salaries. By getting a STEM education through one of BSC’s academic programs, you’ll be setting yourself on a course for success for many years to come.