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In-Demand Post Pandemic Careers: An Outbreak of Opportunity

Posted: May 09 2020
In-Demand Post Pandemic Careers: An Outbreak of Opportunity
Just a few months ago, the U.S. unemployment rate was the lowest in over half a century. Then the coronavirus hit, turning America’s working world upside down. The devastating impact of the outbreak shook the nation as more and more people lost their livelihoods. With life at a standstill, job losses grew to a staggering number—more than 26 million and climbing.
Some economists are predicting that the unemployment rate could reach the 25% peak recorded during the Great Depression. Yikes! With all the bad news out there, a lot of people can’t help but lose hope, wondering if it’s best to postpone their college plans and put their future—and dreams—on hold.
Well, there’s some good news. As hard as it is to see right now, the pandemic will eventually come to an end. By staying focused and on-course now toward getting your degree at BSC, you’ll be primed for post-pandemic success with the invaluable job skills employers will be looking for in high-demand fields like health care and cybersecurity. And you’ll be better prepared than most, having gained the kind of hands-on learning for higher wage earning you can only get at BSC.
Look forward to a career in health care.
The coronavirus has opened the world’s eyes to the vital importance of public health workers to our society. Both frontline healthcare workers and those behind the scenes have played a critical role in protecting the health of our communities and the people who live in them. In the near future and beyond, demand for healthcare professionals will continue to greatly expand, painting an employment picture that’s full of limitless opportunity. Which is all the more reason to pursue a degree focused on the health sciences.
The healthy job outlook for nursing.
Even before the pandemic, nurses were in high demand both in North Dakota and throughout the nation. Employment for registered nurses and licensed practicing nurses is projected to grow between 19% and 25% through 2022. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, that’s much faster than the average amongst all occupations.
Nursing is not just a profession. It’s a calling. It takes someone with empathy and compassion—something that cannot be learned. Bring your good intentions to help others and we’ll give you the academic credentials to prepare you for success. Sure, it takes some effort and focus, but the commitment you make can pay off with a rewarding and well-paying career working in health care.
Nursing education is organized as a career ladder that begins with CNA training at BSC. Graduates can earn an 11-month Practical Nursing Certificate, then upon meeting requirements, advance to the Associate in Applied Science Program (Associated Degree Nurse or ADN) and go on to earn an RN or BSN. Classroom education is delivered from instructors on campus as well as rural locations in ND through a partnership with the Dakota Nursing Program. Clinical and lab practice occurs at local sites. Online coursework may be required during virtual campus mandates.

If you’re thinking about becoming a nurse, it helps to have a strong high school background in biological sciences and mathematics. Also, enrollment is limited and involves a competitive interview process. You’ll also need CPR certification and other academic prerequisites. But don’t let all these requirements hold you back. By applying an equal amount of drive, determination and passion, you can fulfill your dream of becoming a nurse.
Medical lab tech jobs for the taking.
The BSC Medical Laboratory Technician program also provides the path to a fulfilling, high-earning career in the field of health sciences. Medical lab techs have been hard at work behind the scenes of the pandemic.
If you love making a difference and aren’t afraid of a rewarding challenge, this could be the career for you. Medical laboratory science is a demanding field that takes self-discipline, self-motivation and self-reliance. You need to be someone who thrives on solving problems and works well under pressure. If you’ve got what it takes, BSC provides the high-quality, learning-based education to prepare you for a successful future in the medical laboratory sciences field.
Like nursing, medical lab techs were in high demand prior to the health crisis. Across the nation there’s still a critical shortage of qualified professionals. That means there’s an untold number of vacant, well-paying opportunities waiting for you.
Breaking into the world of cybersecurity.
We live in a world where everything and everybody are increasingly dependent on connected systems, networks and devices. And now, with the pandemic, we’re all even more dependent on technology to help us stay connected, communicate and remain productive. That opens the door for a wide variety of criminals who are constantly finding new and more sophisticated ways to exploit vulnerabilities.
The demand for cybersecurity professionals will continue growing as well to meet the challenge, with an annual job sector growth rate of 30% through 2028. Keeping our nation’s connected systems and digital infrastructure safe and protected will require highly skilled, well-educated cybersecurity heroes.
As cybersecurity needs grow, so do opportunities.
You can take advantage of the opportunities in this rapidly expanding field with a BAS in Cybersecurity and Information Technology from BSC. You’ll learn best practices used to process, store and transmit data and gain hands-on experience securing network systems, managing cloud-based resources and many other security-related IT skills.
After completing this degree program, you’ll graduate to a high-demand, high-earning career in the IT departments of businesses and organizations or in Security Operation Centers and Network Operation Centers. And there’s no better time to be in the IT security industry; a nationwide survey shows that close to two million cybersecurity jobs go unfilled due to a sheer lack of qualified applicants.
While the world may be on-hold, your future doesn’t have to be.
We live in an unsettling time; a time when it’s easy to get discouraged, become disheartened and give up hope. But while things look daunting now, don’t let the uncertainly of today derail your plans for the bright future that lies ahead. Soon, life will return to a familiar pace and continue forward, and the opportunities you’ve always dreamed about will be there, waiting for you.