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Q&A with a veteran: BSC Student Joey Brossart

Posted: Mar 15 2021
Joey Brossart in Career Academy
Meet Joey Brossart, a veteran and BSC student. Originally from Rugby, he’s studying agriculture and plans to continue his education at NDSU in the fall of 2021.
Tell me about your journey in the military.
My journey first started back in March of 2018 when I swore in with the North Dakota Army National Guard. From there, I trained with a Recruit Sustainment Program unit out of Camp Grafton to prepare me to ship out to basic training. On Aug. 27, 2018, I left my home and flew to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, where I went through 10 weeks of basic combat training and an additional 14 weeks of advanced individual training. I graduated in February 2019 and came back to North Dakota. Since then, I have been with the 815th Engineers.
What has your time in the military taught you?
Throughout my time in the military, I have learned many things, but a few big takeaways that are a part of everyday life are to remain flexible and adapt to the situation at hand, handle stress well and to be disciplined and true even to myself.
Are other members in your family in the military as well?
I have a few relatives that serve or have served. My grandpa served in the Vietnam War.
What are your thoughts on BSC’s opportunities for military and veterans in particular?
The Veterans Service office has been a great help with everything here at BSC. They even reach out and host workshops to get things squared away before each semester. Although college and my career in the North Dakota National Guard have not clashed much at all, when they have, the professors have been very understanding and respectful and more than willing to work with me.
Tell me your impression of your program at BSC so far.
I am very impressed. I like how it is large enough to have great resources and options, but also small enough where we can cover more ground than a larger class size would. Teaching can be more personalized to fit the individual here.
Why did you decide to go to BSC?Military student in uniform holding a plant surrounded by plants in pots inside a greenhouse
I decided to go to BSC because of the good things I have heard about the agriculture program here and the school in general.
What has your experience been like at BSC?
I have very much enjoyed my time here at BSC so far. I have been able to learn a lot of information that makes me confident with my future, while also enjoying myself.
Would you recommend BSC to others?
Yes, I have and will continue to recommend Bismarck State College to everyone who is interested.
Is there anything else you would like to share?
I would just like to say that although I am truly grateful for the respect given to me for my service, I personally believe that those who have served in combat deserve the most recognition for the sacrifices they have made.

For more information and resources for military students, visit bismarckstate.edu.

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