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Visit With A Veteran

Posted: Nov 10 2020

BSC Associate Professor Greg Lugar

Visit With A Veteran
This Veterans Day, meet Greg Lugar, a veteran and BSC associate professor in the energy department. He primarily teaches in the Nuclear Power Technology program, but also instructs for other energy programs and for an occasional philosophy or religion course.

What has been your military journey?
I joined the Navy after high school. I spent the first year and a half or so in Charleston, South Carolina, training as a reactor operator. I spent the rest of my six years stationed onboard the USS Maryland, a ballistic missile submarine based out of Kings Bay, Georgia. On the Maryland, I was a part of Reactor Control Division and responsible for operating and maintaining the sub’s nuclear reactor.
What has being in the military taught you?
Being in the military is hard. In my personal case, it was tough because I spent months at a time in a relatively small space far underwater – hardly anybody’s idea of a good time. And I’d say I had it easy compared to a lot of others in the military who are getting shot at fighting wars a very long way from home. There are two big things I learned from all that. One is that, no matter how difficult the circumstance, if you have a job to do you still have to do it. The other is to appreciate not having to do my current job under nearly so difficult of circumstances!
Were other members in your family in the military as well?
My oldest brother did four years in the Army, my grandfather on my father’s side served in the Army Air Corps during WW2 and I have one uncle who retired from the Navy.
What does Veterans Day mean to you?
Free food! Kidding aside, it’s always nice to have a time where people tell you they appreciate the sacrifices you made. It’s also a good time to reflect upon those who made much greater sacrifices. It’s nice to have people thank me for my service, but it’s important to remember that there are a lot of people who are no longer here to be thanked. It’s a good time to be grateful.
What are your thoughts on BSC’s opportunities for military and veterans in particular?
There are a lot of benefits in the educational realm afforded to military and veterans with tuition assistance and the GI Bill. BSC does a very good job of taking full advantage of those benefits. We offer a great deal of credits for military training and job experience. We have a tuition model that makes it so school can be paid for mostly, if not entirely, through a person’s benefits. And, of course, we have our Military Affairs office to make sure navigating all the rules and procedures that inevitably come from any government programs are manageable for our students.
Are you proud to be working for BSC?
This is my eighth year teaching here. I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to work with many smart, hardworking and overall good people. Here in the energy department, I’ve had the opportunity to see many students take what we taught them here and apply it in the real world, starting out in jobs that are well-paying and have a very real possibility of becoming full-blown careers. It’s a very gratifying experience and one I’m immensely proud of.
Is there anything else you would like to share?
I’d just like to remind everybody to thank the veterans in their life this upcoming Veterans Day. And of course, always remember to pray for those serving in really hard situations and those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to this country.