2017 Featured Events

Earth as Art - USGS Art Exhibit
March 31-April 11, Gannon Gallery, LEA Hall
EarthArt.pngDr. Karen Ryberg on Earth as Art - Tuesday, April 4
Reception:  4-6:30 p.m., Gannon Gallery, LEA Hall
Presentation: 7 p.m., Basin Auditorium, NECE

Earth as Art is comprised of stunning images from the Landsat Program satellites. Landsat, a joint NASA/U.S. Geological Survey effort, acquires detailed views of the Earth's surface that scientists use to determine how our planet's landscapes are changing over time. Their sensors record infrared as well as visible wavelengths of light and can reveal details not visible to the human eye. In addition to their scientific value, many Landsat images are simply spectacular views of our earth.

Dr. Karen Ryberg will use Earth as Art images from around the world to illustrate Earth processes, test the audience's knowledge of geography, and describe how humans interact with Earth.

Ryberg is a Research Statistician with the U.S. Geological Survey Dakota Water Science Center in Bismarck. She has a Ph.D. in Environmental Science and has been enamored with Earth as Art images ever since first seeing them.Chicago.png
April 5-9
BSC Theatre Arts presents "Chicago" - Kander and Ebb's Broadway smash hit musical, a jazzy, boozy satire on celebrity, the media and justice! More info at BSCTheatre.com 
April 24
Cheer on your favorite designer in a live, fast-paced design battle for supreme creative dominance. Only the strongest survive. The design experiment showcases creative skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. It will also give the audience a look into the creative process and show how designers solve problems in a short period of time.
Melissa.pngBSC Alumni Creative Path
Melissa Gordon
April 19, May 3
Artist and designer Melissa Gordon has won numerous awards for her realistic renderings. Her work can be found in galleries, private collections and featured in and on books, murals, greeting cards, rubber stamps, embroidery designs and even satellite dishes. Melissa has taught in a variety of settings to age groups ranging from kindergarten to senior citizen. She belongs to many local arts organizations and was a founding member of Bismarck Downtown Artists Cooperative.

She'll discuss copyright, conduct student workshops and lead a chalk art transformation during her time one campus. Learn more at mel-ink.com.
Offutt.pngJon Offutt, House of Mulciber
April 27-28
Jon Offutt's glass blown vases, gourds, fish and bowls can be found in museums, galleries and collections throughout the region. Inspired by plumb bobs, anchors, bubbles in beer, kites, and icicles, this award-winning artist will demonstrate the dramatic, fire-fueled art of glassblowing on campus during a two-day artist in residency on the BSC campus.
Figments of Imagination: More Tales from the Wasteland
May 3
Figments.pngThis year, BSC celebrates 25 years of its literary publication highlighting student writing and art, Figments of Imagination. The first version, Tales from the Wasteland, was published in 1992 and the publication evolved into Figments in 1993. This year's contributors will read from the special anniversary edition Figments of Imagination: More Tales from the Wasteland.