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Short Play Festival 2018

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May 2 and 3 3:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.


BSC Theatre is proud to present the Short Play Festival 2018! An annual part of ArtsQuest, BSC's month long celebration of the arts, the Short Play Festival 2018 features an eclectic collection of ten minute plays directed and performed by BSC students. It's the quirkiest, most cutting edge theatre event in Bismarck!


What Happened to the American Dream?

Ten-Minute Playwriting Competition Submission

"Man cannot live without hope. If it is not engendered by his own convictions and desires, it can easily be fired from without, and by the most meretricious and empty promises."  - Eleanore Roosevelt, April 1961, The Atlantic, "What has happened to the American Dream?"

Americans find themselves at a crossroads politically, socially, or economically. Simultaneously more connected than ever before, and more estranged and dispossessed. In an era of fake news, of foreign governments attacking our social media outlets, what are our convictions and desires? What feelings do those convictions and desires engender, if not hope? Are we living without hope? Are we being fired upon by meretricious and empty promises? The American Dream means many different things to many different people. Is the American Dream the spread of democracy across the world? Is it the Jeffersonian concept of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Is it the promise of upward economic and social mobility?

Bismarck State College Theatre, in collaboration with the Humanities North Dakota, as part of the HumanitiesND year-long "Game Changer Ideas Festival" is pleased to announce a call for brand new ten-minute plays that engage with the question of the American Dream, construed broadly. Plays may be written in any style, set in any time, and may use as many or as few characters as the author wishes. BSC Theatre seeks only brand new, never before produced plays, outside of readings, workshops, and/or festivals. Plays should be no more than ten pages long (exclusive of cover page/dramatis personea), following traditional playwriting format. Plays will be entered into consideration for production during BSC Theatre's annual Short Play Festival in May 2019. If selected for performance, authors agree to provide BSC with performance rights for the duration of the Short Play Festival. Selection of scripts for performance will be at the discretion of a coalition of academics, theatre artists, and members of the ND Humanities Council.
To submit:

  • Click the submission link above.
  • Please ensure that you attach a copy of your ten-minute play to the form in DOC or PDF format.
  • Playwrights may submit up to three scripts for consideration.
  • Playwright's name and complete contact information should be included on the cover sheet only. The playwright's name should not appear anywhere else.
  • Submission due date is September 1, 2018
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Danny Devlin, Assistant Professor of Theatre at Bismarck State College at or 701-224-5530.

Ticketing Information

Unless otherwise noted, tickets for all shows are $5.00 for BSC students with a valid ID at the Box Office, $10 for BSC Faculty and Staff, $12 for members of the public in advance, and $15 for members of the public at the door. Tickets can be purchased by visiting the Campus Information Center in the Student Union during normal business hours, by calling 701-224-5677, or by visiting

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