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Conversations at BSC focuses on violence in America | Bismarck State College

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Conversations at BSC focuses on violence in America

Published: Jan 27 2015

Conversations at BSC takes a look at "Violence and the American Dream" in a two-hour discussion Sunday, Feb. 8, about how violence is manifested in the U.S. today and throughout American history.

This third conversation of the 2014-15 series begins at 3 p.m. in the Bavendick Stateroom of the Bismarck State College National Energy Center of Excellence.

Discussion between Clay Jenkinson, BSC's distinguished scholar of humanities, and former BSC President Larry C. Skogen, will include comments and questions from the audience.

Violence occurs throughout American life - in movies, books, television, history and national mythology, as well as the American frontier, where it assumes near romance. Is America different from other civilizations or merely expressing universal habits of violence?

Jenkinson and Skogen will attempt to sort out these questions by looking at the arc of American history and the Second Amendment, which has become a flashpoint in trying to establish standards for civil order and liberty in the 21st century.  

In preparation, audience members are encouraged to reference "Regeneration through Violence: The Mythology of the American Frontier, 1600-1860" by Richard Slotkin, and "Race and Manifest Destiny: Origins of American Racial Anglo-Saxonism" by Reginald Horsman.

Programs are unrehearsed and emphasize the 360-degree perspective of the humanities lens. Live video/audio streaming is available at conversations. Audio alone is available on The Myx at

The series continues April 19 and May 3. Funding is provided by Bismarck State College and the BSC Foundation.

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