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True to her word(s)

Published: Jun 22 2017
True to her word(s) - Photo
During a visit to North Dakota in 2016, BSC alumna Michelle Roberts interviewed fellow Pulitzer Prize winner, author Sonia Nazario, as part of the North Dakota Humanities Council Gamechanger event. When the two women hit the stage, Roberts listened hard, and asked the straightforward, simple questions that allowed her subject to tell her story in her own words.
It’s the style that has characterized Roberts’ journalistic career – an approach she calls “fresh-off-the-farm.”

She says it was the naiveté of a rural upbringing – what she didn’t know – that gave her an edge in a career that began at the Bismarck State College newspaper The Mystician, and included multiple journalism awards, including a Pulitzer Prize in Journalism.
Continue reading this story written for the Spring 2017 issue of BSC Magazine.