Summer Enrichment Programs

STEM Education Kids Camps

STEM Kids classes require a minimum of 8 students to "go". Decisions will be made two weeks prior to class start dates. Class registration closes the FRIDAY before classes begin. Parents - please note that you will be required to enter the student's name during registration. Register today!
Can you Dig It?
Ages 8-12
Archeology and Paleontology are BIG words for kids, but it's time to see them come alive! You will partake in a simulated fossil excavation, uncovering different bones of a dinosaur. After you have that complete, it's time to assemble the bones to create a 3-dimensional dinosaur, that you will get to take home. Learn about excavation tools, labels and specimen bags. Explore the geological timeline and fossil charts. You'll identify 20-million year old shark's teeth, and see other fossil replicas from a cave bear tooth, an ammonite, a Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth and more. Become a rock hound and identify different rocks and minerals and see a giant pumice rock from Mount St. Helens.
Electronics Lab
Ages 8-12
Learn about electronics the best way possible.....with hands-on experience! Using your very own electronic lab kit, you will get to build a variety of things from super race car engine sounds to trombone sounds, space war sounds, an electric fan, a motion detector and more! This class isn't just about building - you will learn about direct currents and which materials conduct electricity. You'll learn about batteries, resistors and capacitors, make a mind reading game, a musical doorbell and so much more!
Follow Me Robot
Ages 8-12
Are you ready to build a robot with four built-in microphones that can detect the source and sound and follow it? Come and build your own robot - then take it home when class is through! Your robot will also flash and play music, and move the way you want it to. It's so smart that if you don't send a signal within one minute, it'll move into it's own routine, or fall asleep! Learn about the different gears and sensors as you build, and then tackle the obstacle course. See everything happening as you build. It's geared to be a great class!
Hovercraft-Egg Drop Car - Design Your Own Vehicle
Ages 8-12
Do you want to design and build things that you create - not just a model you purchase? If so, this is the workshop for you! You will build (and keep) an air powered Hovercraft. You will make it defy gravity. Once it's up and moving, you will use your creativity to control its direction. You will also get to build your own car, a super car, that is powered by more than one source of energy. We will have a wide range of materials, so that you can make the most dynamic vehicle possible! In addition, you will also build an Egg Drop Car. This gravity defying vehicle can cushion a raw egg, as the car holding the egg is dropped from a high height. You just need to bring your creativity. Join us to learn about the laws of motion, energy, air pressure, friction, life, speed and acceleration. You are never too young to learn and have fun with science!
JavaScript Coding
Ages 12-14
In this hands-on class, you will be introduced to JavaScript as you complete engaging lessons, solve challenging puzzles, and build your own games in JavaScript. This camp is ideal for students who are comfortable with the basics of programming logic and computational thinking. Topics covered will include JavaScript syntax, sequencing, repetition, conditional logic, nested loops, automation, collision detection and much more!
Python Coding
Ages 12-14
Enrich your summer and learn all about Python! In this class, you will learn how to build your own games for web and mobile platforms while solving challenging puzzles. By the end of the class, you will have a strong mastery of Python syntax as well as have an ability to creatively program games and other projects, and debug your own code. We will cover Python syntax, sequencing, simple motion, pen drawing Turtle graphics and more.
The Amazing 4-in-1 Robot
Ages 8-12
Start your summer fun by building your own interchangeable robot (while still learning about science and engineering)! In this class, you will build a robot that can function on six legs (the Cricket), with bi-pedal movement (the Beast), the little engine that could (the Trailer), and Grandpa Bot - the huge-eyed gear driven family member! You will learn about gears, motorized transmissions, and much more. Have fun, learn and have a great hands-on experience!
Welding Camp
Ages 12-15
Welding is a skill and an art! It's a great field to work in as well, if you like to work with your hands and be creative. Welders have a wide variety of work, and there are very few products that we use today that haven't been impacted by welding at some point - from the machines they are manufactured on to the vehicles they are delivered on. In this camp, you will learn the basics - welding safety, basic math concepts, materials and much more. You will hear from industry experts on how welding influences what they do every day.
White Lights - Lasers - Galaxies (and more!)
Ages 8-12
The best way to learn about science is through the fun and exciting process of investigating. In this class, you will conduct experiments while you discover amazing things and test your own ideas. You will learn about lasers, and make them dance and swirl as part of a laser light show. You will conduct experiments with laser points, mirrors and more. Part of the class will include building your own kaleidoscope, spectroscope and constellation watcher. Learn about the constellations in the classroom as you take a 3-D adventure into outer space. This class is sure to be a de-LIGHT!