Summer Enrichment Programs

STEM Education Kids Camps

STEM Kids classes require a minimum of 8 students to "go". Decisions will be made two weeks prior to class start dates. Class registration closes the FRIDAY before classes begin. Parents - please note that you will be required to enter the student's name during registration. Register today!
App Adventures: The Next Level!
Ages 11-14
Continue your quest to make the next viral app! Whether you want to move past the basic techniques learned in App Attack or want to jump right in, we are ready for you! All students will choose from a selection of different mobile app types and explore more in depth programming concepts. Student created apps will be accessible on a private site and can be played on any mobile device or computer. No prior experience is necessary and students do not need to own a smart phone or tablet to take the class. Students will work in teams for most of the program. 
App Attack!
Ages 8-10
Today, whether it's a video game or GPS, it's all about your "App-titude". Explore the App universe and create your own mobile application or mobile game! Students will discover the "behind the scene" world of phone-based and tablet applications. In addition to learning the basics of mobile app design and games, you will gain first-hand know-how of the world of App's publishing functions. No prior experience is necessary and students do not need to own a smart phone or tablet to take the class.
Can you Dig It?
Ages 7-12
Archeology and Paleontology are BIG words for kids, but it's time to see them come alive! You will partake in a simulated fossil excavation, uncovering different bones of a dinosaur. After you have that complete, it's time to assemble the bones to create a 3-dimensional dinosaur, that you will get to take home. Learn about excavation tools, labels and specimen bags. Explore the geological timeline and fossil chards. You'll identify 20-million year old shark's teeth, and see other fossil replicas from a cave bear tooth, an ammonite, a Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth and more. Become a rock hound and identify different rocks and minerals and see a giant pumice rock from Mount St. Helens.
Creative Engineering Workshop
Ages 7-12
Come and work with an advanced three dimensional construction kit that is YOURS to keep and take home. You will get to explore designing and building simple or complex models of vehicles, robots, or buildings. You will also get your own 3-volt geared motor to power up a moveable Radar Surveyor. We will also learn the many ways to make a motor run. Hands-on is the only way, so prepare to build from directions and from your own imagination!
Follow Me Robot
Ages 7-12
Are you ready to build a robot with four built-in microphones that can detect the source and sound and follow it? Come and build your own robot - then take it home when class is through! Your robot will also flash and play music, and move the way you want it to. It's so smart that if you don't send a signal within one minute, it'll move into it's own routine, or fall asleep! Learn about the different gears and sensors as you build, and then tackle the obstacle course. See everything happening as you build.
LEGO Comics: Design Your Own Adventure
Ages 8-10
In this LEGO adventure YOU are the star! Pick your favorite LEGO genre or create an alternate universe to create a digital illustrated story or graphic novel. Whether you want to fight alongside Superheros, create a Minecraft story, hang with the Nexo Knights, or go into space with Rey and Finn, the only requirement is that your put yourself in the story! All students will end the class with a digital comic book that can be shared with friends and family on a password protected website!
Make It and Take It Home: Science Projects That Teach
Ages 7-12
In this hands-on, fun and exciting workshop, you will discover how AMAZING science really is! You will make and take home a wide assortment of toys designed to teach you science concepts in a hands-on way. From making and growing crystals, to building an electric motor, bubbling blobs and green flubber, there will be something new each day. Last but not least, we will make ice cream in an amazing different, Sciensational way!
Make Your First 3D Video Game
Ages 8-14
This class allows you to develop a game concept that goes well beyond the limitations of the traditional 2D game design classes. Students will learn the physics behind 3D games, explore beginner event scripting, level design, controlling flow of gameplay, and story telling. Student created games will be available on a password protected website to share with friends and family.
Minecraft Animators
Ages 8-14
Bring your favorite Minecraft characters to life in an animated short film! Learn how studios like Pixar and Disney make movies like Inside Out and Frozen by using techniques like key framing, tweening, texturing, and animating rigged 3D models! Student projects will be available online after class is over to share with friends and family. You do not need to own a Minecraft account to use the software in class. Students will work in pairs or teams for most of the program.
Minecraft Designs
Ages 8-10
If you love the game Minecraft, but always wanted to design your own characters and buildings for your games this class is for you! Learn the basics of creating 3D models using a new software to design your very own objects, create skins for characters, and import them into your favorite Minecraft games. To access their project at home, students msut own a PC/MAC version of Minecraft. Tablet, phone, and game console version of Minecraft are not compatible. Parent email address is required to use 3D modeling software. Students will work in teams for most of the program.
Minecraft Modders
Ages 11-14
Use your favorite game to learn the basics of modding and foundations of programming. Learn scripting and logic statements as you create your first mod! Introductory coding will also be taught through a simulated environment inspired by Minecraft. Student projects will be available on a Black Rocket website to share with friends and family. To access your project at home, students must own a PC/MAC version of Minecraft. Tablet, phone, and game console version of Minecraft are not compatible. Students will work in teams for most of the program.
Model Airplanes - Bridge Building - Electronic Gadgets
Ages 7-12
In this hands-on, workshop, you will build your own rubber-powered model airplane! Use your model as a learning tool in aerospace education, or just have fun building a sound airplane that actually flies! We will also explore designing  and building model bridges, and will have a contest to see who's bridge can hold the most weight. In addition, you will learn simple engineering skills and we will build more than five electronic projects ranging from a patrol car siren to a Morse code transmitter. Bring a little imagination and get ready to fly with science this summer!
Star Wars Stop Animation
Ages 8-10
Make your own Star Wars adventure come to life! Bring in your favorite action figures or Star Wars and create a short film with your friends. Whether you want to recreate a scene from Star Wars or design a new world of your own, this class brings your dreams to the screen. Students will need to bring in Star Wars action figures or vehicles from home, but all other equipment is provided.
STEAM Boot Camp
Ages 8-14
Are you ready for a STEMy summer? Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math are here to make your summer one you won't forget! Join us to spend three days in a jam-packed, hands-on learning fest with STEAM rolled into every activity. You will get to make "cell" pizza, explore the chemistry of chocolate, test mystery powders, build a mini trebuchet, construct bridges, and So. Much. More!
The All-Terrain Tracker Workshop
Ages 7-12
Build and take home your very own All-Terrain Tracker Vehicle! It travels rough terrain, overcoming objects in it's path. Sand, stones, twigs and more will be part of the challenge. We will also explore gears and how to design a robot. We will try out battle bot events with and build a Sumo wrestler. There is loads of fun (and education) in store this summer!
Welding Camp
Ages 12-15
Welding is a skill and an art! It's a great field to work in as well, if you like to work with your hands and be creative. Welders have a wide variety of work, and there are very few products that we use today that haven't been impacted by welding at some point - from the machines they are manufactured on to the vehicles they are delivered on. In this camp, you will learn the basics - welding safety, basic math concepts, materials and much more. You will hear from industry experts on how welding influences what they do every day, and will also take a tour of the Doosan-Bobcat facility here in Bismarck! Tools, supplies and protective gear are provided for your use while in camp. Lunch will also be provided daily and you will receive a t-shirt for participating.