The CMA program is not holding classes for open enrollment. 

BSC's Continuing Education (CE) offers Medication Assistant II Training which provides classroom instruction and clinical practice to those preparing for employment as a Certified Medication Assistant II for the administration of routine, regularly scheduled medications. Included in this 80-hour program is classroom instruction, supervised laboratory training and clinical practice.

BSC-CE will work with your facility to coordinate a CMA II program with a customized schedule to work with your nursing and CNA staff. Contact our program manager, Alison Zarr at for more information.

Upon completion of this course, the student will understand:
  • Medication concepts
  • Roles, responsibilities, legal aspects and limitations of a Medication Assistant II
  • Methods of medication packaging
  • Storage of medication
  • Administering and charting medications
  • Standard precautions for infection control
  • An overview of the major categories of medications and body systems

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