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Corporate Training

TrainND Southwest’s corporate training program is ready to serve the training needs of the North Dakota workforce and their employers. Powered by Bismarck State College, our program provides engaging professional development learning opportunities geared toward fostering professional growth at any career stage.  
As part of the most comprehensive and inclusive workforce training network in North Dakota, we help connect organizations and their employees with experienced instructors locally and across the state. Our corporate training program offers a high degree of flexibility with fully customizable training content taught through multiple learning formats, including in-person and online. Whether on the campus of Bismarck State College or at your job site, TrainND Southwest's corporate training program is a proven training solution with over 20 years of local, regional, and statewide business and industry knowledge.

Organizational and Employer-Sponsored Training

Being a world-class employer takes strategic planning, visionary leadership, and investment.  Partnering with TrainND Southwest can help any organization with the resources needed to foster a winning workplace culture.  Our professional staff and trainers can assist any organization or employer with mastering the principles of managing employees, volunteers, and contractors, including strategic planning, process development, productive meetings, mentorship, understanding a multigenerational workforce, and much more.

TrainND Southwest is also committed to building tomorrow’s workforce by analyzing goals and developing customized training solutions to advance an organization’s most important asset:  human capital.   Our Corporate Training Program can help further grow existing employee or volunteer skills or develop new skills vital to expanding your organization.  We can build training strategies around employee and team communication, project management, teamwork, problem solving, marketing, customer service, conflict resolution, computer programs and technologies, and much more. 

Being prepared to lead the next generation workforce is also essential to an organization’s success.  At TrainND Southwest, we are not just committed to fostering the growth of an organization’s team, but also its leaders, managers, and frontline supervisors.  Tailored training programs can be developed around your organization’s leadership development goals, including topics such as team management, employee motivation and retention, performance management, coaching skills, adaptive leadership, and much more.

Individual Professional Development

The economy is changing.  Developing new skills and credentials is becoming more and more important as the modern workforce faces shifting employer needs.  Regardless of whether your professional development plan includes upskilling current talents or learning new skills, TrainND Southwest has non-credit and certification courses to help achieve your employment and training goals.  Individual professional development opportunities offered through TrainND Southwest are available in a variety of formats, including in-person and online.

In-person Open Enrollment Courses

Open enrollment professional development courses are available in person.  These courses are held at specific times on or off the campus of Bismarck State College.  Courses are listed seasonally in the online Professional Development Catalog and in the Fall and Winter. Minimum enrollment is required before any open enrollment class can run.

Online Training Programs & Self-Paced Leadership Development

TrainND Southwest partners with Ed2Go to provide a wide variety of online noncredit career training programs and certifications.  Ed2Go and DDI courses are designed by a team of professionals from each respective field ensuring you receive quality web-based learning relevant to your training needs. 

Online courses are offered through either an instructor-led virtual classroom or self-paced learning.  Areas of study include business management, leadership, marketing, entrepreneurship, and much more. Visit the online training page for more information.
Our Online Professional Development Catalog has a diverse range of offerings to suit your learning preferences. From in-person workshops that facilitate networking and handson experiences to online classes that provide the flexibility you need in your busy life. It will also provide updates on the latest developments in the TrainND Southwest program.

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Corporate Training DONE RIGHT.